About Us


Regent Independent College, located in Harrow, is part of Regent Group, an educational group based in North-West London.

The College was founded in 2000. It currently comprises both an independent co-educational secondary school and sixth form, taking students from GCSE through to A-Level.

The College prides itself on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere whilst simultaneously abiding by its strong academic ethos.

Our Aims

  • To provide opportunities for students of all abilities
  • To offer the best preparation and access to higher education
  • To help our students achieve high academic standards
  • To offer an environment where the individual is valued and respected
  • To prepare young people for university and their future career

Our Ethos

At Regent Independent College we celebrate diversity and tolerance. Above all, we promote shared values and the importance of learning. We emphasise human values, citizenship, leadership and creative thinking and remain true to our ethos of academic rigour.

Our Vision

“The End of Education is Character!”
At Regent Independent College we are committed to providing the best quality education and we are committed to having affordable fees. Every pupil should have the advantages that independent education can give, and we offer a real alternative to parents disillusioned by the state sector yet put off by the fees of the typical independent school.
We combine the best elements of independent education, small class sizes, quality teaching and excellent resources, yet without the level of fees that prohibit so many parents from taking the independent option.

More Information

Please browse through the website at your leisure. If you have questions that are not answered on the website, or wish to make an appointment to visit the College, please do contact us and we will assist you.


Regent Independent College is located in Harrow, North West London. It is situated in Rayners Lane, a cosmopolitan and lively area.
The College enjoys excellent public transport links as detailed below and Rayners Lane offers a wide variety of shops and eateries, including three supermarkets, bakeries, sandwich shops, vegetarian specialists and a wide range of fast-food outlets which means students have plenty of choices at lunch times.
There are two major banks/building societies, Natwest and Santander, round the corner. Students may also visit the park situated over the road from the College.