Turkey Mobility

The first mobility of the YOGIES project was held in Antalya, Turkey from 3rd to 8th May, 2017. The team from Regent Independent College, UK consisting of teachers Will Salisbury and Fariha Quddus and students Santhuvi Srikandakannanathan and Aisha Ali participated in the event.

Wednesday 3rd May
The mobility began with a welcome meeting for all the teams at Özel Antalya Has Anadolu Lisesi School in Antalya. The programme started with some warm-up activities and an introduction to the ERASMUS + programme and the YOGIES project, all with specific links to the Turkish mobility. These presentations all took place in the Conference Hall. Then, the host school offered a lunch at the school for all the teams.

In the afternoon, the coordinator of the project had arranged for all the teams to participate in a beach volleyball tournament. This was followed by an Awards Ceremony for the victors: the Turkish team. In the evening, the teams had a chance to get to know each other better during a non-formal activity; a dinner was offered by the host school, where the earlier fun of beach volleyball was the main subject of conversation.

Thursday 4th May
Everyone gathered once again in the Conference Hall at the host school, to undertake English lessons with students from all the teams taking part. There were also further discussions about the project, followed by a lecture on doping awareness presented by by Özge Özçopur from Has Okullari.

Later on, the teams had a common lunch at the host school. In the afternoon, the host school took the teams for a yoga session, which was led by Ozge from Özel Antalya Has Anadolu Lisesi. The day concluded with dinner on the coast and a tour of the Old Town of Antalya.

Friday 5th May
The teams re-convened at the host school to allow the students to relax together. Lunch was followed by the presentation of the teams’ results of their surveys on Human Rights and Multilingualism. The teams also exchanged gifts and presented samples of their own cuisines.

In the evening the host team organized a dinner in a traditional restaurant followed by a visit to Aspendos- Fire of Anatolia.

Saturday 6th May
The teams enjoyed brunch at Cakirlar, where traditional Turkish food was served. Later, the teams visited Has Farm where they participated enthusiastically in an informal football match.

In the afternoon, a visit to Antalya Museum gave the students and teachers an opportunity to see the historical and cultural heritage of present day Turkey. In the evening, everyone gathered to enjoy a performance of traditional Turkish music.

Sunday 7th May
The teams challenged themselves with an all-day trekking trip to view the spectacular Gelidonia lighthouse, followed by a well-earnt dip in the sea.

Monday 8th May
The last day of the visit commenced with a meeting with Antalya’s officials at the town hall. The Turkish school introduced Europass, a new initiative which aims to help people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. As the visit drew to a close the teams enjoyed a final lunch together whilst reviewing the success of the first mobility.