Post-16: GCSE

Subjects available

The post-16 course is a course unique to Regent Independent College that offers students, who have received disappointing grades at the end of Year 11, the chance to re-sit the core GCSE subjects.

Sometimes students under-achieve due to a lack of application and hard work, sometimes students have been in an environment where their progression has been slowed by external factors, and sometimes, regrettably, this is simply the result of years of underachievement in key skills such as literacy and numeracy, which has gone unchecked.

The one year long GCSE or International GCSE (IGCSE) Intensive course (which includes Maths, English and Science) offers a solution to that. Students can start afresh and use the year to consolidate the content which was studied during Years 10 and 11. The classes are small, meaning that students are easily able to bring up queries and deal with topics which presented them with difficulties in the past.

Though this option can be made available to students who have never taken GCSE before in exceptional circumstances, the majority of the students enrolled on this course are those who have not achieved their full potential elsewhere previously and need to rectify this before moving on to pursue A-Levels. The intense nature of the one year course means that students must be very dedicated and committed to succeed.

Good grades in these core subjects are particularly important because all universities will look at these qualifications when assessing UCAS forms, notably, English and Maths are a pre-requisite for the reading of a degree in any subject and employers always look for at least passes in these two subjects.

Therefore, in cases where students have performed satisfactorily overall at GCSE but just missed a pass grade in English and Maths, we may consider having the student sit these two subjects at GCSE on the post-16 GCSE course, whilst taking their A-Level course simultaneously.