Upper Sixth

Regent Independent College students who are following the new linear specification will progress into Upper Sixth for their second year of study of the A-Level program.

Students in the Upper Sixth year may opt to pursue an AS standalone qualification, in addition to their A-Levels, to enhance their portfolio for university entrance.

In the current academic year, 2016/17, students who are in the Upper Sixth form are completing the second year of the new linear specification in most subjects, though in some subjects which are still modular, they are completing the A2 course. The A2 course under the legacy specification will be phased out over the course of the next few academic years.

The Upper Sixth year is the most demanding of all the years at school and students must prepare for their final exams whilst at the same time considering their options for the future and making applications to university. The teachers are aware of the demands on time that this causes for students and are well versed in guiding and supporting students through this challenging time.

Significant time during the Upper Sixth year will be spent in preparing students for the final exams, including time spent instilling efficient study skills and revision techniques, and of course, there is much practice of past papers and specimen papers for the new specifications.

Students must spend much of their spare time engaged in independent study and it is vital that students learn the course content as they go along, rather than leaving it to the weeks preceding the examinations.