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Amersham Field Centre visit

07 MAY 2016

Intermediate Biology Olympiad

On Thursday 30th June, Regent Independent College’s A-Level Biologists went to Amersham Field Centre together with Phil Arthur, their Biology Teacher. This trip had two purposes: to carry out some of the ecological techniques that they have talked about in lessons and then to use those techniques to investigate the effect of an abiotic factor on the abundance of bramble.
Our A-Level Biologists and Phil had been watching the weather forecast for several days, days on which it had been both chilly and wet. However, they were very lucky for, not only did it not rain but also the sun managed to shine for most of the day.

In the morning they used the fields close to the classrooms to look at both random and systematic sampling, after which they then used random sampling to calculate a diversity index for plants in one of the fields. Having done this they then went off to the woods, along supremely muddy footpaths, to start planning the investigation into bramble abundance.

After lunch they squelched along the muddy footpaths back to the woods and carried out the investigation. This went very well and they collected some very useful data which was analyzed back in the classrooms. And then, alas, it was time to leave.

We hope the students enjoyed the day.


Amersham Field Centre visit
Amersham Field Centre visit
Amersham Field Centre visit