A Trip to The Natural History and Science Museum by our senior school students

As part of the learning process, the Physics Department recently organised a trip to The Natural History Museum and Science Museum for the senior school i.e, Year 10 and Year 11 students.This educational trip was a good opportunity for all students to see some of the applications of Physics in the real world and thereby to enhance their understanding of the subject.

The students had an opportunity to talk to one of the herpetologists (expert on reptiles) /preservative activists who explained how human activities are affecting the declination of species throughout the world.

The students were shocked to hear that the turtle’s shell the activist was using, was recovered from someone’s home by the law-enforcement authorities of the UK.

natural-history-science-museum-01 natural-history-science-museum-02 natural-history-science-museum-03 natural-history-science-museum-04

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