On Tuesday 9th October, Andy Cotterill who is the UK Marketing and Recruitment Officer of City University, came to visit us to speak at an Assembly. His theme was University Life and he started by giving the students valuable information about how many universities there are in the UK (395) with over 50,000 courses available to them. He said these covered anything you might like to study from Social Anthropology to Urban Contemporary Music. He informed the students on the many different teaching styles they would have to get used to, and how the timetable was constructed. He pointed out that although there appeared to be a lot of free time, students are supposed to be writing up notes on what they are learning or researching the topics. He informed them about the Academic and Social support they could expect. They could also receive Careers, Advice and Guidance. He went on to speak about various types of Accommodation, what they could expect from the Student Union, and the Extra Curricular activities which were offered.

As an aside he let our students know how valuable it was to be able to cook for themselves and for their friends! He explained the need for them to study things that they really enjoyed and for which they had a passion.

Our students had the opportunity to ask questions, and found the presentation very enlightening. We hope to have Andy back for one of our Personal Development Days in the future.

A visit from City University

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