10 reasons to choose Regent Independent College

01. Small class sizes

Our classes are the size of exclusive university seminars. We have teachers who are expert in their subjects and support systems that develop academic and personal skills, which combine to deliver an educational experience unparalleled in the independent sixth form education sphere. Such small class sizes enable us, as an institution, to fulfil our motto of ‘academic excellence’.

02. Experienced teachers

We have teachers with an average of 15+ years of teaching experience. Our teachers are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and believe in active, student-centred teaching. “Learn how to think, not what to think,” is a central teaching philosophy with our staff favouring guided discovery. Many within our teaching team also have experience as awarding body examiners, so when it comes to exam technique, they really know what is required. In class, students are helped to achieve a depth of understanding, debating issues and mastering the concepts, techniques and skills required to learn effectively, solve problems and communicate at an advanced level.

03. Close student monitoring system / Regular progress updates

Each student is assigned to a Form Tutor, whose role is to supervise students’ academic progress and general welfare. Tutors keep in frequent contact with subject tutors and parents and are able to devote much of their time to helping and encouraging the students under their care. We also have an extensive PSHEE and House Period programme delivered through individual, timetabled periods and also tutor time each morning. Regular discussions are held to discuss progress in class, homework, test results and reports. Furthermore, each Upper Sixth student is assigned a personal UCAS tutor to guide them through the entire process adding to our overall exceptional pastoral provision.

04. Personal Development Programme

Regent Independent College strives to provide our students with a comprehensive personal development programme that helps to:

  • Improve their awareness and sense and of the world around them
  • Improving their decision-making
  • Helping to make positive life choices
  • Define their identity
  • Develop their talents
  • Build potential

The personal development programme runs from September until Easter in each academic year. All students are required to attend weekly sessions as part of their course as well as weekly assemblies and other activities organised by the college. Senior school students also have personal development provision in tutor time, PHSEE lessons and GCSE Citizenship lessons that run throughout the academic year.

05. Results and destinations (value added)

We are proud of our academic record at Regent Independent College. Despite having a non-selective admissions policy and a wide variety of courses targeted at students of different academic abilities, our students manage to achieve outstanding overall results.

We pride ourselves on the ‘value added’ education we provide to all our students. Our courses enable a wide range of students to achieve results far beyond their initial expectations. We are confident that all our students leave us able to pursue their aspirations, knowing that they have been guided to achieve their best, using our careful support network. As per Government data published on April 2017 we are in the top 4% of schools in England for adding value. Further details on all 2017 results and destinations is available on request from the main school office.

06. Compulsory Supervised Study Periods (SSP)

The change from GCSE to A-Levels can be quite considerable for students. They must adjust to new ways of studying. They are expected to be a lot more independent in regards to their studies and learn to organise and structure their own time effectively and carry out research with minimal guidance from teachers. This is all part of the academic culture and mindset we are creating. These sessions enable students to study quietly under the supervision of academic professionals ensuring that free time is used productively and efficiently. Students are also actively encouraged to make use of Regent Learning Centre, with its state of the art facilities and extended opening hours. We as a college place great emphasis on facilitating the ‘independent learner’.

07. Bursaries

Limited bursaries may be available to students who would not be able to attend the college without significant financial assistance. These are means tested, awarded at the discretion of the senior management and will help parents/families to pay tuition fees. Parents/guardians seeking a bursary are required to complete an application form.

08. Activities / Student Clubs

All students are encouraged to experience the wide range of sports, arts, cultural and leisure activities on our doorstep in north-west London. We team up with key, local cultural associates which help to add value for all our students. For example we use sporting facilities at Harrow Leisure Centre, and have an outdoor football/basketball court. Harrow and north-west London has so much to offer and our teaching sites are within minutes of tennis courts, top-class sports pitches, swimming pools and sports halls.

09. Thinking into Character

Thinking into Character, our new transformational programme will support your child’s personal development and help in setting personal, educational and career goals by identifying achievements they can build on.

The main benefits of this programme include:

  • Learning how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
  • Improving self-image and re-writing your life script
  • Learning how to close the gap between what a student knows they should do and what they actually do;
  • How to turn non-productive habits to productive habits
  • Overcoming challenges and barriers to success
  • How to develop leadership qualities

10. Modern Learning Facilities

Our teaching buildings include specialist laboratories for sciences, well-equipped, bright study rooms and an Art room. Our IT provision is second to none, with superfast broadband operating over hard-wired and WiFi networks and generous download limits.

Outside the classroom
We have a student common room with vending machines for drinks and snacks. A wireless network is available throughout the college buildings for students to use with their own laptops, tablets or smartphones.