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“Pupils comment that the encouragement of the school’s leadership to question is empowering as it gives them confidence to express themselves and develop opinions.”

Source – ISI Report, February 2020, Regent Independent College Harrow

Regent Independent College is a warm and nurturing environment acting as a second home to students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures with a broad spectrum of educational histories.

As a family business, and acting in the role of Co-Principals for the past twenty years, we have met young people, listened to their future ambitions and drawn up a plan to help them get there time and time again. We take genuine pleasure in seeing these young people go on to fulfil their desires and take their next steps as they become an adult.

We offer a range of educational solutions to ensure that you can find what suits your specific needs; we are the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all provider.

Whether your current provider wouldn’t offer you your desired subject combination, whether you struggle in large class sizes or whether you just want a change of scene, we can help you.

All our provision is designed with the needs of the student in mind and we will work with you to identify the most appropriate product to meet your personal requirements. As a 21st century provider, we blend tradition with modernity. We welcome the collective experience and expertise that our teachers offer, yet also embrace the wealth of advantages that technology provides with student learning enhanced through Regent College Online.

We are mindful that an investment in private education, whether part-time or full-time, is not taken lightly and this commitment made by our parents is uppermost in our minds when a student enrols with us. Therefore the staff at all our centres focus on the fulfilment of the student’s aspirations as their core purpose.

We recognise the importance of developing students as a person in their own right. This is why, alongside our standard curriculum, we operate initiatives such as the Personal Achievement and Development Programme and Thinking into Character, an original programme which helps students meet their aspirations, be they personal, academic or professional, whilst learning more about how to bridge the knowing-doing gap.

Please contact us and we would be delighted to answer your questions and welcome you to one of our centres.

Best wishes,

Dr Selva Pankaj & Mrs Tharshiny Pankaj



From full time GCSE and A-Level courses, to part-time tuition delivered digitally internationally we provide a range of services for students.

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Whilst Regent Independent College has a robust and highly experienced professional team, the proprietors acknowledge the immense benefit that external perspective, insight, experience and challenge can bring and therefore are supported in the management and oversight of the College by an Advisory Panel which meets twice each year.

Thinking into Character - TiC


In addition to academic success, it is important that students become productive members of modern British society. We also recognise that personal renewal is a process that takes place over the course of a person’s entire life and, in line with our ethos, ‘the end result of education is character,’ we want our students to develop their own personal skills that will enable them to move onto the next stage of their education as well-rounded individuals with an understanding of the laws of nature. Bearing in mind the enhancement of each student’s personal renewal, we have developed an innovative programme ‘Thinking into Character’.