Executive Principal’s Welcome

A very warm welcome from the Executive Principal

Mrs Tharshiny Pankaj - Managing DirectorLike most parents, I know you are striving to provide the best education possible for your child, to enable them to secure a place at a good university and then look forward to them having a successful and prosperous career. Ofsted recently stated that at Regent, ‘…Students achieve their aim of progressing successfully to the next stage of their education.’

We know that our parents, who send their sons and daughters to Regent, are hardworking people, many of whom are prepared to make financial sacrifices to give their children the opportunity of studying here. This commitment made by our parents is uppermost in our minds when a new student enrols with us. Therefore, the central mission of all the staff who work at Regent is to help fulfil these aspirations. There are many factors that contribute to the success of our students, but I feel three primary elements include;

Communication with our parents and guardians.
We very much operate an open door policy to ensure that parents and guardians are fully informed as to the progress made by their children. I welcome regular and frequent communication, whether by telephone, email or meetings. In addition, we provide written reports and have two parents’ evenings during the academic year. As a parent relayed, ‘Communication with the College has been excellent and staff have always been accessible. In my experience this is a unique educational establishment.’

High quality of teaching and learning provision.
We are very proud of the high quality of teaching and learning at Regent Independent College. All our teachers are highly qualified subject specialists with years of experience. In addition, many of our teachers are examiners in their own right. Our teachers take account of individual students’ starting points and learning needs and help them make good progress. Our examinations results are in the public domain and pay testimony to the success of our students. As Ofsted commented, ‘Teaching over time enables students to learn well. They provide clear guidance about what students need to do to get the best marks in their examinations.’

High standards of the academic environment and pastoral support we provide for our students.
Regent provides a safe, friendly, caring and structured environment that allows students to work effectively. Our teachers help to promote a culture whereby students are independent learners, who take responsibility for their own success. Our parents fully support our use of Supervised Study Periods where students study under the watchful eye of our Supervised Study Manager. In addition, our weekly assembly and House periods contribute to the ethos of striving for success and the confidence of being prepared to embrace the challenges of the modern world. As Ofsted commented, ‘Students behave well. They are competent and self-confident learners who show appropriate attitudes to learning which enables them to make effective progress with their academic work.’

At Regent, we celebrate diversity and tolerance. Above all, we promote the importance of learning. We emphasise human values, citizenship, leadership, and remain true to our ethos of academic rigour which underpins our motto, ‘The end of education is character.’

Our reputation is based on years of creating a friendly, purposeful and disciplined learning environment where students can enjoy working hard and enjoy their success. We are proud of our reputation, but we are not complacent; we are always striving to improve, innovate and develop. Our teachers are some of the finest and most committed educators in the profession and they make an unquestionable contribution to give Regent its distinctive quality.

It gives me enormous pleasure to invite you to come and visit us and experience life at Regent Independent College.

Mrs. Tharshiny Pankaj
Executive Principal & Proprietor, Regent Independent College