Why Choose Us?


Regent Independent College was inspected by ISI in September 2023. The College was found to be 100% compliant and received judgements of Excellent and Good for personal development and achievement respectively.


Our classes are the size of exclusive university seminars. We have teachers who are expert in their subjects and support systems that develop academic and personal skills, which combine to deliver an educational experience unparalleled in the independent sixth form education sphere. Such small class sizes ensure no student gets overlooked and students don’t feel shy about speaking up to ask for help.


We have teachers with an average of 15+ years of teaching experience. Our teachers are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and believe in active, student-centred teaching. “Learn how to think, not what to think,” is a central teaching philosophy with our staff favouring guided discovery. Many within our teaching team also have experience as awarding body examiners, so when it comes to exam technique, they really know what is required. In class, students are helped to achieve a depth of understanding, debating issues and mastering the concepts, techniques and skills required to learn effectively, solve problems and communicate at an advanced level.


Regent Independent College strives to provide our students with a comprehensive personal development and achievement programme that helps to:

  • Improve their awareness and sense and of the world around them
  • Improving their decision-making
  • Helping to make positive life choices
  • Define their identity
  • Develop their talents
  • Build potential
  • Work toward their individualised goals

The programme runs from September until Easter in each academic year. All students are required to attend weekly sessions as part of their course as well as weekly assemblies and other activities organised by the college.


Thinking into Character (TiC), our transformational programme will support your child’s personal development and help in setting personal, educational and career goals by identifying achievements they can build on.

The main benefits of this programme include:

  • Learning how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
  • Improving self-image and re-writing your life script
  • Learning how to close the gap between what a student knows they should do and what they actually do
  • How to turn non-productive habits to productive habits
  • Overcoming challenges and barriers to success
  • How to develop leadership qualities


We are proud of our academic record at Regent Independent College. Despite having a non-selective admissions policy and a wide variety of courses targeted at students of different academic abilities, our students manage to achieve outstanding overall results. We pride ourselves on the ‘value added’ education we provide to all our students. Our courses enable a wide range of students to achieve results far beyond their initial expectations. We are confident that all our students leave us able to pursue their aspirations, knowing that they have been guided to achieve their best, using our careful support network. Students go on to a wide range of universities including UCL, Birmingham and Bristol to name but a few studying courses as diverse as Dentistry, English and Accounting.