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24 OCTOBER 2014

Activity Day - 2014

On 24th October 2014, Regent Independent School & Sixth Form College hosted its very first Activity Day, not only within the academic year, but within the history of the College.The purpose of Activity Day is to collapse the timetable for both staff and students and allow them to partake in other activities. These activities are designed to broaden the mind, enhance integration, encourage students to try new things and learn new skills, stimulate communication between year groups and allow students and staff to get involved in something completely different.On activity days, a number of activities are arranged spanning the school day. Where possible, all activities are carried out between the six College houses, including, Shakespeare House, Newton House, Churchill House, Nightingale House, Elgar House and Pankhurst House bringing a competitive spirit to the fore.

Our first activity on this first of our activity days was House Presentations. Selected members of each House gave a presentation on their respective house hero or heroine after which the Houses are named. Selected students from each House presented to the audience, enlightening them on this history of their hero/heroine. Students learnt about their early years, their education, what they did with their lives, their major achievements and their legacy. Some of the House teams even gave the audience a quiz at the end to see how much attention had been paid!

After a pause for morning break, the day proceeded to the table tennis competition. Despite the junior size of the table tennis table, it had proved itself extremely popular within the preceding few weeks with students queueing to use the table during break and lunch times. We were therefore all keen to see the results of these efforts. The six Houses played against one another in the first round, having five minutes to win as many points as possible, which culminated in a match between the Senior School and our very own Physics teacher, Mr Raj Chakraborty who played very enthusiastically. After a nail-biting semi-final, the final was held between Raj Somaiya and Alex Puliatti, with the latter being the eventual winner.

After a much needed lunch break, Activity Day resumed with the House quiz. There were 75 questions covering a wide range of topics, testing students’ knowledge of history, current events, sports, music, film and literature to name a few. After the students’ grasped the concept of not yelling the answers so loudly the other teams could hear, a hush temporarily fell over the hall as the teams grappled with some of our trickiest questions.

The last event of the day was a talk by Ian Preston, Police Sergeant in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood Team with the Metropolitan Police. He gave a presentation to the students about their personal safety and avoiding trouble, and what to do, should you be in a tight spot. The talk was fascinating and educational for all involved, and the students were unusually quiet, reflecting on the sound advice given and asking pertinent questions and were most impressed when he gave a demonstration of his police baton.

At the end of the day, the staff decided, based on their participation and success during the day, on the winning House, and each House Group member was rewarded with a £5 Amazon e-voucher for their efforts.

The day was enjoyable for all involved, definitely a success, and we now look forward to the second Activity Day, due to take place in December 2014.


Regent College activity day
Regent College activity day
Regent College activity day
Regent College activity day