Activity Day at Regent College

On 24th March 2017 the College ran its second Activity Day of the academic year. Activity Days, where all the normal timetabled lessons are suspended, allow students to be involved in activities that are not subject related. These sessions encourage students to think about the world around them and allows them to develop knowledge about matters of which they may previously have had little knowledge.

The day began with an incredibly useful session, ‘Ace Your Exams,’ on exam techniques, exam preparation and common exam mistakes, presented by specialists Elevate. Both amusing and thought provoking, the session encouraged students to reflect upon ways they could improve their exam preparation, revision and organisation in the next three months as the public examination season approaches.

This was followed by a presentation by Regent Group COO, Mr Peter Holliday, on the subject of jury duty. The students were taught about the history of jury duty, its role in the UK justice system, key people in the courtroom and the dangers of undertaking internet research whilst on duty.

After a short break, the activities resumed with a presentation on mindfulness and exam stress relief. Presented by a former Regent College student, who had launched her own business, she was able to relate to student anxiety and advise upon ways to deal with the daily stresses that life poses for teenagers, and gave particular attention to ways in which students could deal with the additional stress that comes with GCSE and A-Level examinations. The students were also given an introduction into mindfulness and taught special breathing exercises to encourage relaxation. Private consultations were offered after the session ended for the benefit of any students who were too shy to speak about these matters publicly.

During the lunch hour students sold cakes, cookies and muffins in order to raise funds for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

When the students returned, the Student Council presented on exam stress and methods that they had personally found helpful in combatting the pressure of exams. They rounded off their half hour session with a rather challenging Easter quiz.

A presentation by one of the crews from Harrow Fire Station followed. The fire-fighters taught students about the correct procedure to follow should they ever be trapped in a fire and ways in which they could reduce and eliminate the risk of fires starting. Advice was also given to the students about road safety. The students also gained insight into the way in which crews respond when called out to a fire and the necessary safety precautions they have to take. The session concluded with a chance for our students to try on some of the specialist equipment.

The day culminated with a table tennis tournament. Students were paired off and played in rounds until a victor was identified. The standards of play were high with Sabesh being named the eventual victor.

Activity Day at Regent College Activity Day at Regent College Activity Day at Regent College
Activity Day at Regent College Activity Day at Regent College Activity Day at Regent College
Activity Day at Regent College Activity Day at Regent College

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