Activity Day

On 23rd October 2015, Regent held its first Activity Day of the 2015/2016 academic year. A successful initiative introduced in the 2014/2015 academic year, these special days entail the school timetable collapsing for the day releasing all students and staff to allow them to partake of different activities which enhance student personal development.The day’s events commenced with a visit from Safer Neighbourhoods Officer, PC Haroon Mughal, who is based in North Harrow. He gave a very interesting talk to our students, which focused on issues very pertinent to teenagers such as Stop & Search, carrying of weapons and how to keep safe on the streets. He also talked the students through some of the scenarios that he deals with on a daily basis and showed them a police officer’s uniform and equipment.

During the break a team of girls ran a cake sale to raise funds for cancer research, making lots of funds from hungry students and staff seeking elevenses with doughnuts and sponge cakes the order of the day. They were delighted to raise £90. Well done girls!

The morning session recommenced with a talk from a representative from OutWest, an organisation specialising in LGBT issues. As well as informing students about historical changes to legislation, the talk was very personal as Ola, a transgender individual waiting for re-assignment surgery, told us of her own experiences from childhood to adulthood and the many challenges she had had to deal with and highlighted how attitudes had changed over the years but also underlined the fact that to this day, not everyone was accepting of LGBT people. The students found the talk very interesting and asked some very insightful and mature questions.

After lunch, brave teams of students participated in a public speaking competition on the topics of The ethics of embryonic stem cells, Body image perception and staying positive and Setting and achieving goals. The students spoke fluently and confidently having spent many hours practicing in the days previous and were all highly convincing. The competition was run formally with not only speakers but also a chair and a student undertaking a vote of thanks. This was excellent preparation for later life when employees have to make presentations to clients or customers or fellow colleagues.

The day culminated in House bingo which Mr Stewart, our SSP Manager, also thoroughly enjoyed as he took the role of caller. After an agonising wait, eventually, ‘Bingo!’ was proclaimed by a happy student.

Undoubtedly, this day was an excellent way to complete the first half of the Autumn Term…

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