During this Assembly we had a visit from a representative of a Volunteer Agency called ‘Frontier’. They were established in 1989 as a non-profit making organisation working on Conservation and Development projects in foreign countries. They now have over 400 projects in more than 60 countries.

Along with this, they offer qualifications to those who take part and publish Scientific Research papers. They work with Governments and Charity organisations.

Their Mission is to conserve the world’s most endangered wildlife and habitats, build sustainable livelihoods for communities in the world’s poorest countries and to create solutions which help low-income communities.

The speaker put forward reasons why volunteering is so important: it can Boost C.V.s by offering work experience, new skills and qualifications and by improving personal statements and UCAS points for University Entrance. On a personal level, it gives participants time to enjoy freedom and independence, away from study, and the space to decide on their futures.

Activities that can be undertaken and which can lead to a Teaching Qualification, include: Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation, Community Development; Construction, Healthcare and Journalism; Learning and Teaching Languages (TEFL); Adventure Travel and Action Sports such as Scuba Diving, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Horse Riding. Internships and Staff Roles can also be applied for.

Countries that can be travelled to, include: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Madagascar, China, Indonesia, New Zealand.

The participants could be away from the UK for anything from 4-10 weeks. There are placements in the UK, for example they could work at the London HQ in Shoreditch, gaining valuable hands-on experience with events in the UK.

There is an element of financial contribution needed from the participants, which does depend on the type of project undertaken. This was a most interesting talk and it was followed by some questions from the floor.

Assembly with Frontier

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