On Tuesday 20th November we were visited by ‘Team Up’. This is an initiative thought up by Sharla Duncan, the presentation was delivered by Tom Shering. The idea of Team Up is that tuition is “delivered by inspirational students to enable pupils of low-income background to meaningfully increase their academic attainment.” He explained that the idea was for our own students to team up with Queensmead School, a local comprehensive, to deliver English and Maths lessons to small group of their students. This also assists the student tutors by boosting their C.V.’s, UCAS applications and leadership and communication skills. Volunteering is a vital attribute when applying for University. A Student Leadership Award Qualification is also accredited by the SSAT (School Students and Teachers network) for suitable students.

The student tutors have access to a six-month mentoring scheme with a professional or university student from their field of choice, to help with their career decisions and UCAS applications. They receive a personalised reference from their programme manager.

Training would start with an induction day on Sunday 13th January 2019, where the curriculum would be explained and the group would undergo Safeguarding Training. Once the programme started, they would deliver sixty-minute sessions over the next ten weeks.

Once the programme is finished, a celebration event is arranged and students can continue their connection with Team Up through the Mentoring System, as desired. We do hope that some of our students will see the value of this scheme and take up the challenge.

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