Bowling Trip

On Friday 6th July, Mr Don Mason, Head of Senior School, took the Year 10 students bowling to the bowling alley at Park Royal. Prior to bowling, they all, by popular request, enjoyed a naughty, even if not altogether healthy, lunch at Pizza Hut. Everyone enjoyed an energetic afternoon of bowling. Some students were attempting it for the very first time and performed very well. Others claimed to be experienced and well-practised at it, but fared marginally better than their debutant peers. They played two rounds of competitive games, the first game being comprehensively won by the teacher, of course. Hopefully the experience introduced some students to a new activity (bowling not pizza eating) that they may wish to pursue in the future. It was a good way to end the term for both staff and students and made a change from the normal Friday afternoon sports session

bowling-trip-2 bowling-trip-1

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