Chess Club Returns to Regent Independent College

Due to the popularity of the club last year, Chess Club is back for 2016/17 to Regent Independent College. Run by our team of Maths teachers, Mr Kumar Kandiah, Mr Ragulan Amirthalingam, and Mr Amit Obhrai, the Chess Club, whilst being acknowledged as an ‘old-fashioned’ game, is not only highly enjoyable but also offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes brain growth
  • It exercises both sides of the brain
  • Raises your IQ
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Sparks your creativity
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Teaches planning and foresight
  • Improves reading skills
  • Optimizes memory improvement
  • Improves recovery from stroke or disability

Regent looks forward to crowning its next Chess Champion!

Chess Club Returns Chess Club Returns Chess Club Returns Chess Club Returns

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