2-Year GCSE

Senior School student with teacher

Exam Boards: Edexcel, AQA and OCR

Regent Independent College offered me the chance to retake and improve my grades which I attained to the best of my ability. It gave me the chance so that I felt ready for university.

Two Year GCSEs

We at Regent Independent College provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of our students, as well as meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum for compulsory school aged students. We offer two routes of entry for students aged between 14-16 and post 16 students. Students will follow either a 1-year or 2-year GCSE course.

2-Year GCSE (Suitable for Year 10 entry)

The 2-year GCSE course, has been designed to enable students to follow a much broader range of subjects. The course has been designed to accommodate students who are 14 years old and would naturally be moving into Year 10.

GCSE subjects

Please change this to: Subjects studied to be examined in summer 2021 include: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Citizenship and Art.

GCSE curriculum

Our curriculum will enable students to achieve 8 GCSEs if they sit triple science examinations or 7 GCSEs if they sit double science examinations. As many of our students aspire to move on to further Level 3 qualifications and ultimately a degree, this course satisfies most university requirements of a minimum of 5 GCSEs including Maths and English Language.

In addition, students will enjoy non-examined subjects including PHSE and PE. ICT provision will be integrated across the curriculum.

National curriculum

Lessons for GCSE students are based upon the National Curriculum. This ensures that the students develop a solid grounding in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science but also explore other subjects. This both broadens their horizons and helps develop key skills in preparation for A-Level study.

Careers advice and guidance

All GCSE students will also benefit from our comprehensive careers advice and guidance provision provide by our qualified careers adviser.

School Attendance

Students in the 2-Year GCSE course, are compulsory school-aged children and are required by law to attend school on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. Students are also expected to remain in school for the entirety of their school day, which is 08.45 to 15.30.

Small Class Sizes

Our GCSE class sizes are traditionally small and this is extremely advantageous as it allows the teachers to interact closely with each and every student in the class. Students also find that they are much more willing to contribute, participate in class discussions and ask questions in such an environment.

Personalised Learning

This means that students can develop a strong foundation in each subject, particularly essential if they intend to study it later in greater depth. Our students receive truly personalised learning.

Assessments & Parental Reporting

Students undertake a number of assessments during the academic year including progress tests, which assess unit based knowledge, and more formal end of term or mock examinations which are a test of large parts of or the entirety of the syllabus. Parents are kept updated with student progress via written reports and parents’ evenings.

Awareness & Development

Students also undertake weekly PSHEE sessions on topics such as cyber-bullying, drugs and personal safety. These sessions are aimed at introducing students to themes and topics outside of their GCSE study and encourage their own development and awareness of the world.