A-Level Intensive

A-Level Intensive students at lab

Exam Boards: Edexcel, AQA and OCR

Subjects available

(Other subjects may be offered on consultation)

Regent Independent College offered me the chance to retake and improve my grades which I attained to the best of my ability. It gave me the chance so that I felt ready for university.

Retake / Resit A-Levels – One Year Intensive

The A-Level Intensive cohort accommodates both students who have completed the full two year A-Level course and not obtained the anticipated grades and those students who have previously attempted the AS examinations elsewhere unsuccessfully. Students who are re-taking just one or two A-Level subjects sometimes choose to embark upon an Extended Project Qualification, which aids students in developing research and composition skills, guiding students smoothly on to undergraduate level work.

Supervised Study

The intensive nature of the course means that students must be prepared to apply themselves to overcome the obstacles that have previously presented themselves. Coupled with a busy timetable of lessons, students are prescribed a number of weekly Supervised Study periods in which they must re-enforce and revise the course content.

Small Class Sizes

The size of our classes is a crucial factor for students in this intake as areas which previously caused confusion can be dealt with much more easily in small group environment.

Practice Past Papers

Students are encouraged to voice their concerns about any syllabus area which has posed difficulty in the past and extensive, detailed past paper practice is undertaken with an emphasis on developing an effective approach to papers.

Personal Development Programme

A-Level Intensive students also participate in a Personal Development Programme where they finesse skills such as listening and teamwork during lessons on a diverse range of non-curriculum topics such as the growth of social media.

UCAS Programme

They will also be guided effectively through the UCAS programme attending weekly advice sessions with their UCAS tutor as they compile their application. Students are further assisted through the interview process and offered comprehensive guidance when making their final choices.