At Regent College, we understand the importance of placing each child on the right course for them.

We understand that every student is different, each student has different skills and abilities and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that students are placed onto the right course to make the best of their time at Regent College.

We know that students may come from different countries, different types of schools, have studied on varying courses beforehand and there are many such variable factors that affect the decision as to which course and which subject options are the most suitable.

To meet the individual needs of the students, we offer a wide variety of courses ranging from the traditional to courses that are unique to Regent College. These courses include Pre-16 GCSE (Senior School), Post-16 GCSE, Lower Sixth, Upper Sixth and A-Level Intensive.

To ensure that every student is enrolled on the most appropriate course, we invite students and their parents to come and meet with the Head Teacher and/or one of the Senior Management Team to discuss their admission and consider the best options for enrolment for the forthcoming academic year.

Please peruse the options to find out more about each of our courses.

If you are looking for supplementary tuition, please visit our sister website at https://www.regentlearning.com