Upper Sixth

Upper Sixth Students

Exam Boards: Edexcel, AQA and OCR

Subjects available

(Other subjects may be offered on consultation)

Regent Independent College offered me the chance to retake and improve my grades which I attained to the best of my ability. It gave me the chance so that I felt ready for university.

A-Level – Year 2

The Upper Sixth is the second year of the two year A-Level course which culminates with a series of public examinations. Students continue to learn the specification content but spend an increasing amount of time practising past papers and perfecting exam techniques. Normally three subjects are studied in the Upper Sixth, though students may pursue the Extended Project Qualification in addition to this or instead of a third subject, depending on their academic profile.

Timetabled & Independent Learning

Students spend an increased amount of time in timetabled lessons this year but equally are expected to spend more hours per week devoting themselves to independent learning, some of which is carried out in Supervised Study. Each student creates a personal development plan, which evolves during the academic year.

UCAS Guidance

During the autumn term, students are allocated a UCAS tutor and attend weekly sessions to help prepare their applications for university. Students are further supported through the interview process and offered guidance when making their final choices.

Assessments & Parental Reporting

Formal academic assessments throughout the year, including progress tests and end of term and mock exams help track student progress and highlight weak areas in sufficient time for them to be addressed. Parents are kept informed by written progress reports and discussions at parents’ evenings.

Personal Development Programme

Participation in a Personal Development Programme encourages the development of key skills for university, as students deliberate and form opinions on matters such as our electoral system.