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Economics students attend conference

05 DECEMBER 2016

Economics students attend conference organised by Tutor2u

The Upper Sixth Economics students of Regent Independent College attended a day’s conference called Strong Foundations, run by Tutor2u, at a cinema venue in Fulham Broadway on Wednesday 23rd November 2016. Tutor2u is an on-line educational publisher which also provides courses for large groups of students around the country.

This course was designed for students in their fourth term of A-level and was a fast-paced set of presentations across major topics in the examination specification. Comments made by our students include,

  • “It was interesting and gave me very good tips to implement in my answers”.
  • “I learnt how to make the links between micro- and macroeconomics”.
  • “It was helpful as it gave us examination tips and layouts of how to answer the essay and multiple-choice questions”.
  • “It gave me a different perspective on how to tackle exam questions from an examiner’s point of view”.
  • “Good. Worthwile. Covered a lot of areas”.

With such a positive response from our students we shall look to attend more of these in the coming months.


Economics students attend conference
Economics students attend conference
Economics students attend conference