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Education – My Perspective – by Assad Shamsi

17 NOVEMBER 2014

Education – My Perspective – by Assad Shamsi, a tutor at our Tuition Centre in Harrow

It goes without question that we all need to have an education to form the basis of our professional life, so we are able to develop a solid platform for the future. There are many different industries we prepare for through various qualifications and academic courses, but what if we decide to pursue the actual field of education itself as a career? This was a path, and journey, that I (now a tutor at Regent Learning Centre) decided to embark on.

Education, through my 10 years of experience in the industry, as a member of the Regent Learning Centre (a centre for tuitions in GCSE and A Level subjects) team, is a demanding but rewarding endeavour that requires utmost dedication. It was through the experiences that I gained at  Regent  as a student that this was evident. When I first enrolled, to receive supplementary tuition, I came across a teaching team that was unlike any other that I have experienced before – a team that is based on a firm, but friendly and interactive teaching style, with a contagious passion that eventually enabled me to develop an interest in the subjects that I was studying.

As the years went by, not only did this enhance my understanding of each subject area, but also my sense of character as well. It was from this experience that I understood what education was about – it is not just helping to solve particular issues within each subject area, but it is also a means of providing knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. This is so that they can choose what subject they are interested in and, ultimately, what they would like to pursue for their future.

This approach to education enabled me to advance at Regent, from a student to an employee, and finally a teacher, hence completing the circle. Through this journey, it was clear to me that providing an education to others was my path, which appealed to me on a personal level. There is an intangible feeling that I get when a student that I have taught for several years attains a commendable level of success that was planned and worked hard towards. Although the academic years change, the focus and passion towards helping the students remains the same.

So, what do we focus on at the Regent Learning Centre? If we were to look into some examples, from a subject by subject perspective:

– Understanding the students’ strengths and weaknesses through the tuitions they attend in the evenings, weekends and holidays

– Not just identifying the issues within each topic, but effectively  coming up with solutions to those problems

– Maintaining communication between parents and teachers, to ensure that there is an understanding of how the students are performing; although we have standard termly progress reports, my  thinking is that we should not wait until those reports are due to notify of any issues

From the experiences I gained as a student, all the way to becoming a teacher, I intend to provide the same level of commitment and enthusiasm for the new generation of students at the Regent Learning Centre, with a fundamental ethos that we are preparing them today, for a better tomorrow.


Education – My Perspective – by Assad Shamsi