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Election Hustings at Regent Independent College Southall

In the spirit of the times and in preparation for the imminent elections, Years 12 & 13 students at AHC were divided into five groups and allocated one of the following political parties totally randomly:

  • Brexit Party
  • Conservative Party (Hissan & Rohaan)
  • The Green Party (Jade & Ishneel)
  • Labour Party (Glory & Leila)
  • The Liberal-Democrat Party (Vishal & Sean)

The meeting was chaired by Dr Pantea Etessami and took place in front of the staff and students of AHC.

The student mandate was to prepare for a debate and discussion about each party’s manifesto and what they would bring to the nation if elected. Students only had one day to prepare. All members allocated to the Brexit Party resigned one by one from the party and joined various other parties on the list!

The debate was interesting and at times entertaining especially when Hissan, the Tory representative referred to funds available for a particular purpose in terms of dollars rather than pounds, inadvertently confounding the potential link between the party and the US! Jade of the Green Party came across as genuine and along with Ishneel seemed dedicated to the ‘Green Party’ ethos of a cleaner earth. Hissan was in control (most of the time) and with Rohan defended the beliefs of the Conservative Party, Sean & Vishal defended the Lib-Dems well and Glory and Leila, the youngest members, held their own and presented Labour policies very well.

Tommy, our esteemed Economics tutor had some very tricky questions to ask the panel which made the debate much more interesting and exciting.

We were impressed with the students’ resilience and confidence as well as their ability in researching issues thoroughly and presenting ideas clearly and lucidly. We congratulate all participants and wish them continued success.