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10 MAY 2011

Guest Speaker - John Daulton Expert on Memory Skills

On Tuesday 10th May 2011, Regent Independent College was lucky enough to host Mr John Daulton, memory skills expert and Vice Principal of a leading London Sixth Form College.

Mr Daulton is a recognised international speaker on memory skills, motivation and revision techniques for students. He has taught revision and memory skills in many of the top UK private schools and he was an advisor to Girls’ Day School Trust in London. With over 20 years of business and teaching experience he has a wealth of insight into how people success and motivate themselves and therefore we were thrilled when he agreed to come and speak to our students before the crucial summer exam season.
His talk focused on:

• Memory and revision

• How to develop the right psychological state of mind for exam

• Techniques for improving recall

• Why procrastination is dangerous

• Why talent is overrated

The students were glued to their seats as he talked about his experiences of learning as a teenager and how they developed as he grew older. He advised students on the wide variety of ways to approach their revision introducing a range of techniques designed to suit the individual style of the learner. These included skills such as speed reading, word association, using visual aids to name but a few.

He also emphasised the importance of balance and stressed that it was important to rest well, get a good night’s sleep and allow yourself frequent short breaks for revision, preferably going out for a little fresh air.

He also touched upon the importance of hard-work, dedication and application to one’s studies explaining that very few people are natural experts and most success is gained via determination and hard work.

Brindon Bagirathan, one of our AS students commented, “I found it inspirational; he seemed to be a man with a lot of experience and he knew methods to over-come procrastination.”

A2 student Aneeka Vasa, about to take her final school exams said, “It was very informative and will help me in the future.”


guest speaker