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15 OCTOBER 2015

Harrow Mencap Visits Regent Independent College

On 15th October 2015, Jeremy Childs, Fund Raising & Volunteer Manager, at the local Harrow Mencap, came to speak to our students during our weekly assembly. He gave a very interesting introduction, talking about the history of the organisation and how it developed and the importance of it being a community funded venture. He then explained to the students that the prime purpose of Harrow Mencap is to work with, and to represent people with learning disabilities and their families and carers to ensure their needs, rights and aspirations are met and then elaborated by talking about some of the ways that these aims were fulfilled.

He spoke about the different methods of volunteering that the volunteers at Harrow Mencap undertake, ranging from raising money with collection tins at the supermarket, promoting the name of Harrow Mencap in the community, doing fundraising events at school, or working directly with their clients during various activities and trips. He emphasised that Harrow Mencap has a strict emphasis on how money is collected in public, forbidding the use of the commonly seen ‘chugger’ tactics. He also placed an emphasis on the good work that each and every volunteer did for the organisation and that any time spent volunteering for them, was doing good in the community.

Happily some of our students identified with his message and asked for information about becoming a volunteer. We wish them the best of luck and commend their willingness to give up their spare time for a good cause. We are also keen for our newly elected Student Council to become involved in this and hopefully raise some well-deserved funds by selling raffle tickets for the Harrow Mencap Christmas Draw.

For more information about Harrow Mencap, or to find out how to become involved, please see the website at: http://www.harrowmencap.org.uk/