The College provides students with impartial careers guidance introducing them to a wide variety of options for further education and work. This allows students to make informed choices. There are sessions dedicated to job preparation skills such as CV writing, or interview techniques. Students are encouraged to identity their own strengths and weaknesses and how these may transfer to the world of work.

All students also have access to the Career Connect platform which has a comprehensive range of materials and activities including aptitude tests, elevator pitch practice, and a variety of basic courses to get students work ready.


For those students who wish to go to university after the completion of their A-Levels we provide a comprehensive programme of UCAS advice and guidance. Students are introduced to the UCAS cycle at the end of the Lower Sixth year. In the autumn term of the Upper Sixth year, students prepare and finalise their applications supported by the UCAS team who offer close assistance on each of its parts.

student life


When students are not in timetabled classes, they are expected to engage in independent study sessions. Students attend a whole-school assembly during morning break one day a week. Students can also be expected to attend meetings during breaks for purposes such as UCAS or attending guests lecturers, or if they hold roles of responsibility.