I left my previous sixth form with very low grades at AS level, but after moving to Regent College, I worked much harder to get the grades I needed. The teachers at Regent were very supportive and helped me grow academically. I am proud of my end grades, thanks to the staff and got an offer at University of Kent for Architecture.

Jenisha Kulanth

I would like to thank you and the rest of Regent for the help over the year and without you, I would not have been able to achieve 3 A*s. I have firmed King’s and will start this October. After graduation I aim to study medicine at Oxford/Cambridge or focus on a PhD in a specialised field of science – I also have goals of creating my own business which I hope to do during my time at university. Once again, all these goals are very much achievable thanks to Regent and the grades I have been awarded.

Daniel Zhian-Shaker

I am absolutely over the moon and would like to take the opportunity right now to thank yourself and all the staff at Regent Independent College for providing me with so much support. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study at the University of my choice and the course I had my heart set on. Thank you so much for everything.

Ramya Logeswaran

“I left my previous Sixth Form with AS results of E in Maths, U in Further Maths, E in Chemistry and a U in Physics. After a few years I decided to pursue academia again. I joined Regent Independent College Southall having forgotten essentially everything from my GCSE and AS classes and now, after two years, I am leaving with an A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and an A in Chemistry. I had to work hard for these grades but they are also a testament to the high level of teaching at this college. All the staff are supportive, helpful and friendly and the teachers truly have an abundance of knowledge in their respective subjects.”

Rishi Sharma

Dear Ms Quddus, I want say thank you, for all the effort you put in to us and pushing us to achieve more than we could. You were more than a teacher, you were a part of our class, you helped us with issues outside of class to helping us revise together. Once again thank you for all the effort and energy you put in to us for the class.


“I wholeheartedly recommend Regent Independent College Southall for any driven student who aspires to succeed academically. The teachers are committed to ensuring that their students succeed and students are taught by highly experienced teachers who teach very clearly and who do so in a great level of detail. It is incredibly easy for students to arrange after school meetings with teachers to go over exam papers and revision in general. The atmosphere in the college is vibrant and students have access to many resources and high quality teaching. The support system is great. During my one year retake, I went up two grades and this is a testament as to how great the teaching is and how supported I was in the institution. I am overjoyed that I chose to come here and would highly recommend this College to any student who wishes to do the same!”

Arwa Shahbaz

I am very grateful to my teachers, who have supported me in my time at Regent. It is because of their guidance that I have been able to do so well.

Bhavik Mistry

Very helpful in improving my grades.


Helps improve grades – worth it.

Dillon Gohil

At Regent, they truly care about the students.

Shreyans Sanghrajka

Teachers are helpful and willing to give up free time to help students further.

Carllo Sabapthy

Everyone’s really friendly and they’ll help you out when you need it.


The staff at Regent Independent College make it feel like a family.


Regent Independent College is a good working environment; open whenever you need to work and everyone is really helpful.


Regent Independent College is an extremely friendly and versatile college that has helped me, amongst other people from various backgrounds, to reach their academic potential.


I’ve learnt a lot whilst I’ve been here, my levels of working have improved and I enjoy being in the school.


A wonderful four years of my life – teachers are always friendly and there to help you when you need it.


It’s a very family like atmosphere.


Thank you to all the teachers for the help, they were amazing. Thank you so much! Got into my firm offer University.


The College has a number of helpful teachers who are always ready to support the students and help the students whenever they need any help and I made a number of new friends since joining the College.


The teaching here at Regent is outstanding and the students are always ready to give a helping hand when you are new and when you are in doubt about any problems.


Regent Independent College provided a very good educational environment. The small class sizes ensure that each student receives more attention.


The college has helped me to achieve many things as well as helping me to overcome many hurdles in life. Without the help of the college I could not have completed the challenges ahead of the academic year.


Regent Independent College offered me the chance to retake and improve my grades so that I achieved to the best of my ability. It gave me the chance so that I felt ready for university.


Regent Independent College is a great environment for learning and has really helped me achieve my full potential.



Arashdeep achieved the grades he needed, and confirmed his university place. As we celebrate this success, I wanted to convey my sincere gratitude to you for giving Arashdeep the opportunity to study at Regents for his A levels, when other institutions turned their backs on Arashdeep given his GCSE results. The Regents approach to study, continuous assessment, feedback, challenge and encouragement was an important factor in allowing Arashdeep to succeed academically.

Mr Jagjit Dhaliwal

Once again a big thank you to all at Regent Independent College for believing in him and helping him achieve the grades he has.


Overall I am very pleased with the teaching standards and would recommend these teachers to people. Help was always available.


The director was very supportive and was able to meet parents’ individual needs. All the staff were fantastic in helping my son to reach his full potential. My son had a lovely time and I would recommend the College to any parents.


I find Regent Independent College was a good choice for my son Machibya because, having arrived from Africa within just four months of being there I noted that he became confident and much more knowledgeable of what is life and the challenges ahead, I believe that Regent has paved his way to great opportunities.


We believe our son will flourish under the guidance and enthusiastic teaching of the staff.


Komal came to Regent Independent College last year to do her AS level as she needed to better her grades. Komal settled very well, and has made some very good friends. Komal’s character has developed rapidly since joining Regent, whereby she will confidently discuss issues with her teachers and peers. She had already completed the first set of exams in January 2011 and has already improved on her grades - this was literally within 4 months of studying in a smaller environment where she is receiving more direct coaching. The teachers are approachable and have time for both the students and parents. Finally, I am glad I moved Komal to Regent Independent College.


What I found very helpful was the interaction between parent and college always keeping us parents up to date with our child’s progress. We feel that Daniel has the capability to achieve his goals through the support and commitment he received from Regent Independent College, we are extremely proud of Daniel and thank you for giving him the opportunity to study at your college.


My daughter Shivani has greatly improved in her studies here at Regent Independent College.


I am pleased with my son’s progress and the guidance given by the teachers and management. I will certainly recommend this school to others.


Very happy with progress, Jaina is doing well. Teachers were very positive about her progress and were clear in what we need to do to support her as parents.


A transformative experience for our child – well done and thank you Regent, under your influence he has become confident and happy.


Thank you!


My husband and I both loved the calm and relaxed atmosphere at your school, and found the teachers sincere professional and approachable, our sons really enjoyed the teachers and the learning, We all have only fond and warm memories of your college, and highly recommend it to others.


This is the first educational establishment he has attended that has recognised his ability and been sympathetic to his health issues. They have been prepared to work with him and have been understanding and tolerant. They have been flexible in treating him as an individual with his own particular needs and not just one of a cohort. This has allowed him to re-enter education with a prospect of getting on with a future successful and rewarding life. Communication by the College has been excellent and staff have always been accessible. In my experience this is a unique educational establishment."


I can only say that we are only too grateful for the chance given him by the College to show that he was capable of obtaining the grades he needed to do his chosen course. Thanks to the dedication of the teachers, their warmth, friendliness, patience and the confidence that they placed in him to show he could achieve it. I believe Adam will always have fond memories of the not just the college but all those who make Regent Independent College. And of course, for a mother living abroad during his time at College, it was good to have that confidence to know that Adam had been left in good hands.


Karishma spent five year at Regent Independent College and apart from the academic success, I could see that her confidence as a person had increased profoundly. To me that could only mean one thing, that she was happy attending the college and a happy student will be a successful student. Her final A level results reflected exactly that and now in her first year of Pharmacy at UCL, she is enjoying what the university is offering, and looking forward to her Pharmacy career. I thank you and all at Regent Independent College for setting a strong academic foundation for my daughter.


I would like to thank you and your excellent staff at Regent College for supporting my son Jaden during his A level course. He has indeed grown and matured during this time with the college and he has vastly benefited from working with the experienced teaching staff. You have equally provided guidance and pastoral care to Jaden for which both of us are immensely grateful.


"We dropped Thembi off at LSE halls of residence on Sunday! As she starts this new and exciting chapter of her life, I just wanted to say thanks again to you and your team for all the hard work that you put in last year with Thembi. There is no doubt that she would not have ended up at LSE , had it not been for the hard work, encouragement and guidance of the team at Regent College."


I would like to place on record our hearty appreciation for the great work done by Dr. Aslam in making the management and financial accounting subject very interesting for Kaushik. As a completely new subject Kaushik was very well trained and logics thoroughly explained by him. Further he not only cleared Kaushik’s doubts in class but also guiding him throughout his As and a levels outside class hours. Kaushik was initially reluctant to take up accountancy as he thought it was an unknown new subject. But Dr. Aslam brought in a keen interest for Kaushik into the subject through his intricate teaching methods. We truly appreciate the efforts he has taken to provide the resources to his students, offering then extra lessons to clear their doubts and testing them in class. Kaushik was asked to work out a problem on board in class for other students, which he achieved 100%, this made him more self-confident and assertive. The personal interest he takes to motivate each student in class in amazing and gives them more confidence to score better in their exams. He makes sure that Kaushik is clear on the homeworks set and re-ensures to see that he completes it on time.

Mr Shiva

A fantastic success story. Thank you for all your support and belief in Yuvan's abilities. He will now go off to Welbeck College on the 3rd of September. You believed in him when many schools turned him away thinking they couldn't help him. Yuvan has indeed shown what can be achieved.

Mrs Daksha Hirani

I want to thank you Personally and Professionally. Thank you for encouraging Sharmarke, supporting him, and for inspiring him to learn. Looking back, choosing Regent College for my Children Abdi and Sharmarke, was the best thing I've done for my Children's future to succeed academically. Regent College Management and Teachers changed the way I thought about learning. You engage, Inspire, and empower your students every single day. I wanted you to know that we noticed how much you care. Thank you Teacher.

Mohamed Hassan