On 23rd January 2018 the staff and students from Regent Independent College welcomed Joel Ufele to their weekly assembly. Joel, who currently acts as a coach for the students’ weekly Basketball Club, came to talk to the student body about the importance of motivation and setting goals. Telling students about his difficult start to life, losing his father and younger brother within a short period of time, and with the temptations of gang life luring, Joel told the students how he made a decision, spurred on by his mother, to make something of himself and put his best efforts into everything he did. Spending time at the gym to get in shape, he was spotted by a basketball coach who took him under his wing.

Though he was completely new to the sport, his work ethic then led to a 2 year invitation to spend time at a basketball academy in Preston. Recognising the opportunity that lay ahead Joel grasped this with both hands though it meant moving away from his family. Sometime later he was invited to play basketball in Arizona which he did very successfully. When three young basketball players asked him to sign their shirts as a souvenir, he realised how far he had come as a result of his decision to stick at each and every project and give it 100%. Joel is spending a year in the UK on various community projects before returning to the States to continue his growing career where he has been offered a full scholarship.

Joel has offered to act as a student mentor to students at the College and will be returning here for our next Activity Day…

Joel Ufele visits Regent Independent College

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