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Politician Hanna David

14 APRIL 2015

Local Conservative Politician Hannah David visits Regent Independent College

On 14th April 2015, Regent was visited by Hannah David, who is a long-time councillor for Harrow West and is currently campaigning to become an MP at the upcoming general elections on 7th May 2015. She joined us at the school during its weekly assembly and gave students an overview to the forthcoming elections and the importance of taking the opportunity to vote for those students in the oldest age groups.

She spoke to the students about the goals of the Conservative Party in general, particularly a continuation of the economic recovery and also touched upon an issue particularly pertinent to students, that of tuition fee levels. She explained that whilst she recognised that £9,000 fees were no small sum, she felt it necessary to ensure that universities were well funded to allow them to keep their place at the top of the world rankings. She then moved on to talk about some of the local issues which she was passionate about such as funding for street cleaning and Crossrail in Harrow & Wealdstone.

The session drew to a close with some of our students and staff posing questions and Hannah then wrapped things up with a poll on the question of whether 16 year olds should get the vote for the next election with both sides putting forward coherent arguments.

To ensure students are provided with a balanced opinion and with a view to encouraging them to develop their thinking and debating skills, Regent is hoping to secure a visit from a representative from the Labour Party in the next few weeks.


Politician Hanna David