On 20th March 2018 representatives from National Citizen Service visited Regent Independent College and spoke to our students at our weekly assembly about their summer activity programme: The Challenge. The Challenge, aimed at 15-17 year olds, is a popular programme within London schools, and is normally undertaken over the summer holidays over three to four weeks. Here is some information extracted from their website http://www.ncsthechallenge.org/ about what The Challenge entails.

In Week 1, you will stay in group accommodation, build your confidence and face your fears by taking on your own Personal Challenge. You could try your hand at abseiling, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and more. Meeting new people along the way!

In Week 2, experience independent living whilst learning new skills in creative communication and enterprise with an industry professional. Get involved for your chance to apply your skills with a local charity or organisation to discover what you’re made of!

During week 3, you return home to use your new skills to design a local social action project and make your mark in your local community! You’ll pitch your idea to a panel of judges to gain expert advice to turn your project into reality. Your actions can have a big impact: Be The Change!

The cost of the programme per person is £1,500 but this is heavily subsidised by the government and the College will subsidise the remaining portion of fees.

The benefits of signing up to The Challenge are many. It is a hugely beneficial addition to a UCAS application as so many new skills are learnt and existing skills enhanced during the course of the experience. It gives students something to talk about at interviews for employment, demonstrating those crucial team work and organisational skills needed. It introduces young people to new sports and activities and encourages a healthy lifestyle, and moreover, allows students to make new friends and is a huge boost to self-confidence and self-belief.

Students from Regent have previously attended and acknowledged the contribution it made to their personal development. In the words of one student, ‘The NCS course has changed my life and helped me grow as a person and I feel much more confident.’

We strongly recommend it!

For more information, please contact our Head Teacher, Mr Hurl on stephen.hurl@regentcollege.uk.com

National Citizen Service visits Regent Independent College National Citizen Service visits Regent Independent College National Citizen Service visits Regent Independent College National Citizen Service visits Regent Independent College

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