On Friday 8th September 2017, our Principal, Mrs Tharshiny Pankaj, and our Principal Designate, Mr Will Salisbury, and our staff team gave new students, joining Regent Independent College for the first time, an induction to welcome them and help them understand more about College life. The day commenced with an introductory assembly to which both parents and students were invited, followed by the chance to meet subject teachers and form tutors during which the all-important timetables were distributed.

Presentations on safeguarding and health and safety followed and the students were taken on a tour of the College to allow themselves to become familiarised with their new surroundings before the start of lessons on 11/9/17. Students were provided with a folder of information to read, their homework planners, details of books to obtain and forms to fill and had their ID cards produced.

A spread of sweet treats and refreshing drinks followed whilst the new students got to know their new classmates for the year ahead.

New students induct New students induct

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