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parents evening

26 MARCH 2015


As both staff and students look towards the exams occurring just seven weeks away, now is the time to ensure students are on the right path for successful revision for the upcoming exams and for future study. As such, Regent held its second parents’ evening of the academic year. Parents and students were invited to the College on the 24th and 26th March, depending on their year group, to meet with their subject teachers.

Teaching staff gave parents an update on the progress of their child and advised on areas of weakness and those topics where the students should focus their efforts during the course of the holidays. Parents had an opportunity to gain an understanding of how they could best help their child in the coming weeks, a time of unquestionable pressure, posed questions on the most recent progress report, and together with their son/daughter and the teacher drew up a plan of action to ensure the best outcome for their child.

The event was very popular with parents; they enjoyed meeting our team and getting to know the staff who play such a significant part in their child’s life. They finished the evening by enjoying a marvellous spread of cheese, samosas and fudge cake to name but a few.


parents evening