On Thursday 18th October 2018 we had our first Personal Development Day of the school year. Our first session was a workshop on ‘Resilience’, given by ‘NCS the Challenge’. This is the National Citizen Service. The session leaders, Samantha Karran and Richard Allan-Campbell first carried out an ‘ice breaker’ game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and then separated the students into small groups. They then were asked to discuss and write down what Resilience means. They had to discuss objects, various types of people and scenarios, to think about how Resilience affects the Well-being of the person. They were also informed about what NCS the Challenge involves and the programme of the organisation.

In the second session we were joined again by Umesh Perera who informed the students about how they can get involved with his Esports and other entrepreneurial activities. Umesh runs various companies centred round the business of competitive gaming. He explained to the students that teamwork between themselves could result in educational endeavours being paid for by sponsorship from companies. With the help of Amit Obhrai, several of our students signed a statement of interest in setting up a gaming league with Umesh in the future.

With our third and final session we had a talk from Martin Allyn Nelmes, from Aberystwyth University. As well as being one of their Physics Lecturers he also heads up the Outreach Team for the University. Martin delivered a very interesting talk about ‘Landing On Mars’ explaining how we might populate the planet in the future. He also spoke about the theories concerning life on Mars and indeed throughout the Universe. He explained the geology of the Planet and why it is red -because it is high in iron ore and it has obviously rusted (oxidised) at some point. This gives rise to the theory that it must have supported life at one time.

He spoke about various missions there have been to Mars and the Maths behind the launches, how the modules land on the surface and what they do there. He then answered some very interesting questions from the floor.

The day was very enjoyable for all participants. We will be holding more in the coming months.

Personal Development Day October

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