When you receive your timetable:

  • Check your name and date of birth is correct on your timetable
  • Check you have been entered for all the exams you are expecting to be entered into
  • If you are entitled to access arrangements, check that they are complete and accurate

Before the Exam

  • Check you have a black pen, pencils, any mathematical instruments, and any equipment required for the exam
  • Note your candidate number; this must be written on every answer booklet
  • If you have an clash exam that is over three hours prepare a packed lunch and a drink
  • Check your statement of entry/exam timetable and ensure you attend your exam on the correct day and time.

Day of the Exam

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the exam. You will be provided with an ID card.
  • Ensure you bring your photo ID. We must establish the identity of all candidates sitting examinations. You will not be admitted to the exam room without a valid photo ID. Also bring your Statement of Entry.
  • Ensure you have no electrical devices including phones and smart watches on your person. All personal items will be locked in the designated classroom.
  • Check the notice board for the exam location.
  • Wait in Reception once you have locked away your personal items. The invigilator will escort you to the exam room.
  • Wait quietly outside the exam room and note your seat number from the Seating Plan until you are instructed to enter the room.

In the Exam

  • If you are entitled to extra time this will be noted on your desk. If there is no note and you are expecting extra time, advise the invigilator before the exam starts
  • If you are entitled to any other access arrangements these will be given to you in the course of the exam
  • Listen carefully to the invigilator’s announcement
  • Make sure you have the correct exam paper and read the exam paper instructions carefully
  • When you enter the exam room you are under strict exam conditions and you are not permitted to talk. You must raise your hand if you require the invigilators attention.


We can support private candidates with extra time requirements or disabilities/temporary injuries that require a laptop. To apply for these Access Arrangements you must be assessed by our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – SENCO.

Our SENCO will assess you to ensure that you are entitled to access arrangements. Access arrangements can only be applied for if the arrangements are your ‘normal way of working’, or if you have had an unexpected injury that will impact how you take an exam.

You must make the Exam Officer aware of your request for access arrangements as soon as possible as there are strict deadlines for the online application.


If you feel you have been disadvantaged during your exam due to unavoidable exceptional circumstances beyond your control, please contact the Exams Officer immediately after your exam. Evidence is required and you must contact us within seven days of the exam. Requests made after this period may not be accepted.


In the event that we have to evacuate the exam room, you must follow the instructions of the invigilator. You must stop writing immediately and remain silent. The invigilator will escort you to the assembly point where you must remain silent. When you return to the exam room you will be given back the time lost due to the evacuation.


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