Regent College Online makes the most of amalgamating latest advancements in technology and a combined experience of 40+ years in delivering the British GCSE and A Level syllabus. We offer a blended digital learning platform that involves live teaching supported by digital resources.

Our teachers, with an average of 15+ years of experience, are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and have a firm belief in active, student-centric education. “Learn how to think, not what to think,” is a central teaching philosophy with our staff procuring guided discovery. Many within our team have experience as awarding body examiners. During lessons that will be delivered digitally, students are helped to achieve a depth of understanding, debating issues and mastering the concepts, techniques and skills required to learn effectively, solve problems and communicate at an advanced level. This approach uses personal development to improve and promote academic progress which will create university and career prospects.

We offer a full-time online learning experience along with unique customised options. The customised options, rarely obtainable via other education institutions, offer the flexibility to study at a pace that suits students, personalising their learning experience so their education fits around their commitments.

All education institutions rushed to deliver online learning as a result of COVID-19. Regent College Online is not a response to that situation, instead we specifically designed an online learning experience that developed over a few years.

The world is constantly changing to benefit from technological advancements. The Regent family is actively involved in research and development to offer world leading academic and personal development. We welcome advancement in teaching and learning concepts using technological innovations. Regent has commenced with changing and improving the education industry; we are delighted to welcome you to join our journey.


Encouraged by the success of our ‘on campus’ model, evident through the results of our ISI inspection in 2020, Regent College Online follows the same structure. The programmes and courses are delivered via the following:

    • Induction: Here the students are introduced to their teachers and the learning platform. They are trained on how to use the digital platform and can converse with the teachers in a group or an individual basis. Also, the college beliefs, policies and expectations from the students are made clear.
    • Live Service: The live services include digital lessons, Personal Achievement and Development sessions along with Assemblies. These live services are delivered via Microsoft Teams.
    • Digital Resources and Self-Study: To aid their independent learning, students can use Canvas (our digital resource platform), teachers’ Microsoft Teams uploads and interactive resources such as SAM Learning. These resources can be used independently at the students’ convenience.
    • Meetings with an Advisor: The students will be able to contact their advisor regarding any problems and advice required, ranging from learning techniques and careers advice, to weight loss and stress control issues. Advisors can be contacted at any point during the students’ journey with Regent. Students will also have one-to-one meeting with their advisor every term to discuss the progress made with their personal and academic targets.
    • Performance Updates for Parents and Guardians: Along with parents evening held online and access to digital reports, parents and guardians can converse with the senior management and teachers at any point to receive performance updates and advice on targets.


Regent College Online offers A Level full time courses, along with custom options for your convenience. These courses are designed to aid students with progression, either to A level studies, university degrees or career aspirations. Students will also benefit from skills obtained during their lessons which promote academic and personal development.



This course is suitable for Year 12 and AS level students.
1 year


This course is suitable for Year 13 and A2 level students.
1 year


This course is suitable for students repeating A Level.
1 year


We strongly believe in our learning models and operations. The following explains some of the benefits of joining Regent Online College and a few of the concepts used to add value to our learners’ development:

  • Superb ISI Report: Regent Independent College Harrow was inspected by ISI in February 2020. The College was found to be 100% compliant and received judgements of Excellent and Good for personal development and academic achievement respectively. Regent College Online uses the same procedures and learning models as Regent Independent College.
  • Small Class Sizes: To deliver differentiated teaching techniques, make sure students are not overlooked and don’t feel shy to ask for help, we keep our class sizes small. We have teachers who are expert in their subjects and support systems that develop academic and personal skills. When combined with small class sizes, they deliver an educational experience unparalleled in the independent education sphere.
  • Experienced Teachers: Our teachers on average have 15+ years of teaching experience, are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and many are awarding body examiners. Hence, one of our specialities include exam techniques training which helps students achieve higher results.
  • Personal Achievement and Development: We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive personal development and achievement programme. All students are required to attend weekly sessions as part of their course as well as assemblies and other activities. The main benefits of this programme include:
    • Developing the mindset required for success
    • Build potential
    • Improving decision-making
    • Define their identity
    • Improve their awareness and sense and of the world around them
  • Thinking into Character (TiC): This suite of transformational programmes will support students’ personal development and help in setting personal, educational and career goals by identifying achievements they can build on. Some benefits of Thinking into Character include:
    • Developing leadership qualities
    • Learning how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
    • How to turn non-productive habits to productive habits
    • Overcoming challenges and barriers to success
    • Improving self-image and re-writing your life script


Step 1: The recruitment team will call to understand the students’ academic journey and what is required to meet their life goals. We will then suggest a Regent College Online course that is best suited to the students’ needs.

Step 2: An Academic Interview with the management team will be arranged to discuss the students’ requirements in more detail and how Regent can aid with progression. Course structures, targets and fees will also be discussed. Following a successful Academic Interview, the students will be sent a Conditional Offer.

Step 3: Depending on the students’ academic history, they may be required to complete and pass an Enrolment Test. Any student that has not previously completed a UK qualification will be required to pass an English Assessment.

Step 4: Submission of paper work will be required to complete the registration process. Some paperwork requirements include an application form along with the registration fee, qualification certificates and a passport copy.

Fees: £6000 per academic year. This does not include costs associated with Science practical, external examinations and the registration fee. These costs vary depending on the course chosen and will be discussed during the academic interview.


Yes, you can communicate with any member of Regent via Microsoft Teams, including on campus or online learners. Also, you will be invited to all the events at our London Campus, including the Christmas party and prom (safeguarding restrictions apply).
Our phenomenal IT Support team is available to provide help. Should you require any technical troubleshooting support, you may contact your Advisor or the IT Support team directly. They are available through Microsoft Teams, telephone and email.
Yes, students will have the option of joining various online clubs or activities in their local centres. A few examples include the online Chess or Photography club along with Cooking or Sport at their local centres where registration is recorded.
Academic support plays a vital role in creating a supportive learning environment. Our highly qualified teaching team will always be on hand and will be able to provide academic guidance and feedback at any point in the course. They can be contacted via Microsoft Teams during or after lessons, and via email.
Good attendance and punctuality are paramount to successful learning and they carry the same level of importance while engaging in digital learning. Regent College Online will monitor and record your attendance and punctuality to online lessons which is enhanced by data around your engagement with the software components.
Students build skills of initiative and self-management via personal development sessions and personalised attention/support via meetings with the Advisor. Students will be in charge of their daily timetables, ensuring that they complete all required assignments and prepare appropriately for projects and examinations.
We understand that Digital Learning may be a completely new experience for you. If you are transitioning from a more traditional learning background, feel free to make an appointment to speak with Mr Amit Obhrai. You will be pleased to discover a learning journey offering you a wide range of opportunities using your current resources towards an extremely well-rounded education.


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