Regent Digital is a blended digital learning platform that involves live teaching supported by digital resources.

The Regent Digital platform makes the most of amalgamating latest advancements in technology and a combined experience of 60 years in delivering the GCSE and A Level syllabus across all of our branches. Our teachers, with an average of 15+ years of experience, are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and have a firm belief in active, student-centric education. “Learn how to think, not what to think,” is a central teaching philosophy with our staff procuring guided discovery. Many within our team have experience as awarding body examiners. During lessons that will be delivered digitally, students are helped to achieve a depth of understanding, debating issues and mastering the concepts, techniques and skills required to learn effectively, solve problems and communicate at an advanced level.

Using Regent Digital, we offer the perfect alternative to help students continue developing academically and personally.

Students will gain access to an excellent quality of education, as long as they have access to the internet; all at the tip of their fingers!




This course is suitable for students repeating GCSE.
1 year



This course is suitable for Year 12 and AS level students.
1 year


This course is suitable for Year 13 and A2 level students.
1 year


This course is suitable for students repeating A Level.
1 year



Nationwide via Regent Digital
Group Tuition
Private Tuition


Nationwide via Regent Digital
Group Tuition
Private Tuition


Nationwide via Regent Digital
Group Tuition
Private Tuition


Please introduce Regent Digital to your family and friends. If they purchase any of the packages above, we would like to show our appreciation using the following discounts on your package:

£5 for 1 referral
£8 for 3 or more referrals
£10 for 5 or more referrals

Please note that the discount can only be applied to the group packages. Terms and conditions apply.


Our phenomenal and dedicated Student Support team is available to provide care or help when required. They will be available through Microsoft Teams, telephone and email. They will be glad to assist with any questions you may have, ranging from academic management to technology troubleshooting. For more complex technical issues, our IT support team will be made available.
Academic support plays a vital role in creating a supportive learning environment. Our highly qualified teaching team will always be on hand and will be able to provide academic guidance and feedback at any point in the course. They can be contacted via Microsoft Teams and email. The manager Mr Amit Obhrai is also available through Microsoft Teams, email and telephone.
Good attendance is paramount to successful learning and it carries the same level of importance while engaging in digital learning. Regent Digital will monitor attendance and engagement during online lessons which is enhanced by data around your engagement with the software components.
We understand that Digital Learning may be a completely new experience for you. If you are transitioning from a more traditional learning background, feel free to make an appointment to speak with Mr Amit Obhrai. You will be pleased to discover a learning journey offering you a wide range of opportunities using your current resources towards an extremely well-rounded progress!


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