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Leonid Sokov Two Profiles (Stalin and Marilyn)

15 DECEMBER 2014

Regent Independent College Art Trip to The Saatchi Gallery

This term’s art trip was to The Saatchi Gallery in the Kings Road, Chelsea. I took the Year 10 and Year 11 Art groups to see the exhibition, ‘Post Pop: East Meets West’.

The Saatchi Gallery moved to the impressive Duke of York HQ building in 2008. The gallery provides an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the U.K. The Saatchi Gallery is specifically geared towards introducing art students to work at the cutting edge of contemporary art.

The exhibition was a fantastic opportunity for Regent Independent College pupils to see a diverse collection of contemporary work, all produced and influenced by the twentieth century’s art movement, Pop Art. 250 works by 110 artists from China, the Former Soviet Union, Taiwan, the UK and the USA were exhibited in a comprehensive survey celebrating Pop Art’s legacy. This enabled the pupils to view art being produced in these four distinct regions since the heyday of Pop. The work was presented in relationship to each other through the framework of six themes: Advertising and Consumerism; Celebrity and Mass Media; Art History; Religion and Ideology; Sex and the Body.

We were met on arrival by a member of staff and given a twenty minute guided tour of the exhibition. A work from each different theme was explained, this was invaluable information for the students, as it put the work into context. Knowing what was happening in the world to inspire the artist to make a piece of work and the public’s reception to some of the work, helped explain to the students the major influence of the Pop Art movement on contemporary art globally.

Students were introduced to the many concepts used by artists to inspire work; communism, post communism and capitalism. The Pop Art movement produced art obsessed with commodities, glamour and high impact,some of which can appear shocking and bizarre, exploiting identifiable imagery from mass media and familiar everyday life images,using humour and a vernacular language to connect with the public and reflect on the nature of the world we live in.

Some comments by the art Students

I was really fascinated by the Saatchi Gallery. I liked the location and the gallery was massive and impressive. The talk helped me understand the exhibition.
The Saatchi Gallery and Pop Art was very new to me and I really liked it. My favorite exhibit was Jeff Koon’s ‘Basket Balls’.
I did not know anything about Pop Art until I visited the Saatchi Gallery. They really explained everything about it, because it is different to other art.
The gallery was really impressive because it gave a significant message to the people and society silently. My favorite exhibit is the room full of hair flags, the creativity really fascinated me.
I found the talk very helpful because they explained what the art was about and they have influenced me even more, to take Art A Level. I advise people to go to this amazing gallery.
The exhibits were interesting as not all of it was old. The eye catching exhibit was the one made from lots of small bottles. Some had small amounts of red liquid in them so that it looked like a man’s silhouette.

A selection of work photographed at the Saatchi Gallery


Leonid Sokov Two Profiles (Stalin and Marilyn)
The imposing front entrance to The Saatchi Gallery.
Sleeper hit: A Dream Comes True, by RostislavLebedev
Nuty’s Mc Donald’s (2010) by Tom Sachs
White Sofa, carved in marble by Ai Wei Wei (2011)
Hero, Leader, God at the Post
Man and Space by WendaGu