UCAS & Careers Guidance

As part of our support for our A-Level students, we endeavour to assist students as they look to the future and to further study and their career. We therefore have a comprehensive programme of guidance for students partaking in the UCAS process. This starts towards the end of the AS year when students are introduced to the UCAS cycle, undertake research on universities and courses and guided through the intricacies of the application form. An initial personal statement workshop is also given. In the autumn term of their final year, students are allocated UCAS tutors whom they see on a weekly basis who review the UCAS forms and help gradually bring them to the best state possible before being passed onto the UCAS Adviser for a final review and polishing before being submitted. For students who are requested to attend interviews, guidance and mock interviews are provided. In the spring we then encourage the students to consult with us before choosing a Firm and Insurance place. Our programme of UCAS support concludes in August when we provide on-the-day assistance with results, places, Clearing and Adjustment.

In addition to this support which is specifically provided to students in AS and A-Level, we equally recognize that some students do not wish to follow a traditional route and therefore ensure that we invite in guests who speak on topics such as vocational routes of education or apprenticeships.

Regent also has very strong links with a local careers company and we invite their staff in from time to time and they offer careers interviews and action plans to our students so students can rest assured that they are getting knowledgeable, relevant, and up-to-date independent advice and guidance to help them plan for the future irrespective of their current year of study. Careers guidance is also shared with students during assemblies and House Periods.