Assessing students regularly allows the College to identify topic areas that require more attention or more time allocated. It also enables teaching staff to track each child’s progress to ensure that they are moving in the right direction. A sudden drop in performance or a gradual decline in scores can both indicate wider problems.

The College assesses students informally via ad-hoc class tests and could take the form of a verbal quiz or short set of questions, for example. These often take place with revision required in lieu of homework.

Formal assessment incudes progress tests, which assess students on the most recently covered topic areas, and mock exams. Mock exams aim to test students on their knowledge cross the breadth of the syllabus from the start of the Autumn Term. They allow students to habituate themselves to the strict conditions of the exam hall, and the meticulous timing strategies needed to complete all parts of a paper. Where possible, teachers will set papers that have been issued in previous public exam series to provide the best possible rehearsal.