Personal Achievement and Development Programme


Businesses want young people who are better prepared for the workplace, hence careers education forms a crucial part of the PADP. This is a great way to start developing employability skills while opening the inspiring possibilities in the world of work. The aim during these sessions will be to introduce individuals to a variety of industries and train them in application skills such as interviews and CV’s. This experience will help students find their ambition or goal and more importantly, a path to reach them.

All the A-Level Intensive students will undertake independent study sessions each week to ensure that they are carrying out sufficient independent learning in accordance with their academic targets and work set.


In addition to academic success, it is important that students become productive members of modern British society. We also recognise that personal renewal is a process that takes place over the course of a person’s entire life and, in line with our ethos, ‘the end result of education is character,’ we want our students to develop their own personal skills that will enable them to move onto the next stage of their education as well-rounded individuals with an understanding of the laws of nature. Bearing in mind the enhancement of each student’s personal renewal, we have developed an innovative programme ‘Thinking into Character’.

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