Success Stories

Here are just some of the many success stories we have had here at Regent Independent College in the past few years.

A Level Results 2019


Hrushika joined Regent in the autumn of 2017. A dedicated student, who could often be seen engaged in private study in the hall at lunch time, and who worked very well with the teaching staff, she is thrilled to proceed to Leeds to read Medical Engineering having received grades of AAAB.

She told us, “I enjoyed my time at Regent and the teachers gave me great support.”


Abdul joined Regent to improve his D grade in Computer Science which he had got at his previous school. After studying intensively for one year, he is now able to proceed to his chosen university to study Computer Science at an undergraduate level after pushing his result up by two grades.

He commented, “The atmosphere and teaching quality at Regent is unparalleled with teachers ensuring each student is confident with every part of the syllabus.”

A Level Results from previous years


Thembi joined the College from Sharnbrook Upper School. The environment suited her perfectly and she formed extremely good bonds with her teachers, whose years of experience helped her boost her grades from CCC to ABC within the year. She will now read Environment & Development at LSE.

“Teaching at Regent is incredible. I will definitely miss it!”


Majhuran, who joined Regent following in the footsteps of his brother, came to us from St Dominics to bring his AS grades up from ABBC for the final year of the A-Level course. After a year of hard work and dedication he is pleased to have attained a place to read Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University after having earnt his grades of A*AB.


Thenujah joined us from Northwood College where she had gained A-Level grades of BBC in Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively. 9 months later, spurred on by the love of the Regent teachers for their subject, her enthusiasm for her studies paid off and she is about to embark upon Medicinal Chemistry at UCL with grades of AAA.

“I started a new school and was very scared about what to expect. Regent immediately made me feel at home. All the teachers are like family now guiding me the whole way through – always there to help. Loved every bit of the experience. Thank you so much!”


Raj joined us in 2014 to take his GCSEs as an international student. He remained at Regent for another two years to pursue his A-Levels in Accounting and Maths.

“I feel like home here. The staff and teachers are very approachable and help you learn and understand instead of just passing the exam.”


Osamu originally came to Regent from Kingsbury High School to improve his GCSE results. Having bumped all his grades up he stayed at Regent to pursue A-Levels in Economics, Maths and Psychology. A focused and sensible student, he now leaves us with grades of ABB to pursue Economics at Leicester University.

“The atmosphere is homely and family like which makes studying so much easier.”

Anjali Gadhvi

Anjali joined the college in September. Throughout the year she was determined to gain the grades required to get into medical school. A year of consistent hard work in an environment that is conducive to success made all the difference. Anjali achieved excellent results and is going to study Medicine at the University of Liverpool.

“Regent have supported me massively through a very stressful year. With excellent teachers and their encouragement, I was able to achieve my dreams and a place to study Medicine.”


Mughira joined Regent in September 2017 from MPW where he had not managed to obtain any A-Levels. After a shaky start, he applied himself and managed to complete the year with grades of CCC. He has now gained a place at Portsmouth University to study Business Economics…

“Regent added value like promised and improved my grades. The teachers helped every step of the way.”


Jordan joined us from Dr Challenors to improve his grades in Maths and Economics. With his Maths grade shooting from an E to an A he has now secured a place at Manchester University to study Economics.

“The teachers work hard for the students to achieve good grades.”


Jeremy joined us from Queen Elizabeth’s to improve his A-Level results. Having improved his Maths grade from an E to an A grade and gained an extra B grade in Physics, he now proceeds to Nottingham University to study Mechanical Engineering.

“Teachers pay a lot of attention to students so when they seem doubtful they know to help them.”


Anila moved from Queen’s School after having completed her AS Levels with grades of DUUU. With hard work and the support of our teachers, she make astounding progress and she now leaves us to study Chemical Engineering at UCL with grades of ABB.

She told us that Regent offers a “very good learning environment.”

Niyati Oza

Niyati joined the College to improve upon the grades she had received at St Albans Girl School of CEEU. After two years of hard work and application with the support of our team, she proceeds to Aston University to read Psychology with Business with grades of ABC.

“Thank you for all your support, couldn’t have done it without Regent. Would thoroughly recommend anyone to come here as an exceptional learning environment.”


Rupali joined us from Chesham Grammar School to improve upon her A-Level grades of BCC. With the support of our team of dedicated and experienced teachers and their exam board expertise, she now moves on to Nottingham University to study Industrial Economics having achieved AAB grades this summer.

“Regent College provided me with the help I needed throughout the year. Mr Ragulan is the best Maths teacher I’ve had who spent the time to help me understand and get an A at A-Level.”

Umar Marikar

Umar joined Regent from Haydon School after having taken his GCSEs. Single minded on his future success, he worked extremely hard, impressing his teachers, taking advantage of the small class size environment. As a result, he attained grades of A*AA in A-Level Maths, Computing and Further Maths respectively and is now looking forward to going to King’s College to study Computer Science.

He told us Regent, “provides a hard working environment and passionate teachers to ensure success.”

Rohan Valecha

Rohan came to Regent Independent College for help with his Chemistry and Physics. Having received grades of BBAA at Queen Elizabeth’s Boys Grammar School he was thrilled to achieve grades of A*A*AA at the end of the year and now joins the Chemical Engineering course at Imperial College London.

“Great teachers, really supportive and very friendly too” was his summary of his time at Regent.

Jay Gajjar

Jay joined us from Tanzania to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-Level. A delightful student his hard work and application resulted in grades of AAB and he got a place confirmed at Loughborough University to study Chemical Engineering.

“Im very happy to say that the support and dedication of the staff and teachers towards students is excellent at Regent Independent College. The college has given me a nice environment to study and focus on my goal and at the end of the day im really happy with my results.”

Jin Jin
Jinjin Qi

Jinjin moved to Regent Independent College from China in 2011, originally to take her GCSEs in which she did well. Over the years her command of English improved dramatically, and she flourished academically in Maths, Further Maths and Accounting, eventually gaining A-Level grades of A*BB respectively. She was thrilled and now looks forward to taking up a place at Queen Mary, studying Accounting & Management.

She said Regent offered, “Great teachers, very supportive, especially during exam time.”

Krishan Sedani
Krishan Sedani

Krishan joined us from Vyners School where he had gained grades of BCCD. With the support of our experienced teachers and in an environment that cultivates effort and achievement, he was able to significantly improve his grades, resulting in his attaining a place at King’s College London to read Economics & Management having gained A*A*A.

Saarujan Muralithas

Saarujan moved to Regent Independent College from Park High to repeat his A-Level course having gained grades of DDDU at AS. With a fresh start, taking advantage of a very experienced team of teachers and our Supervised Study Programme, he made an outstanding improvement and gained grades of AAA in Maths, Further Maths and Computing. He now leaves us to read Computer Science at Warwick University.

He told us, “It’s a great place to strive for success!”

Shaina Haria

Shaina Haria joined Regent Independent College in 2012 having previously attended Peterborough & St Margaret’s School. Despite a serious ongoing medical condition that often saw her hospitalised, her dedication her course was above and beyond what was expected in the circumstances and with the care and nurture of the Regent team, we are delighted that she attained a place at the well-respected Queen Mary to read Psychology having gained A-Level grades including an A and a B.

She commented, ‘Regent has provided me with so much more than I could expect, including that related to my critical health, thank you so much!’


Bhavesh joined Regent in September 2013 from Park High where he achieved grades of CCDE. Having high aspirations for his future degree course, he wanted an environment where he knew he would benefit from small class sizes and being monitored closely. Our experienced teaching team made sure he pushed himself to his full potential and after two years of hard study he received grades of ABBC and proceeded to study his preferred course of Mathematics with Financial Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

“Regent Independent College allowed me to reach my full potential.”


Saarujan has just finished his AS year at Regent, having joined us from Park High where he achieved AS grades of DDDU in the summer of 2014. He received ‘a’ grades in seven of eight modules taken in Maths, Further Maths and Computing, with just one exception where he got a ‘b’. His results in C1 and FP1 were particularly impressive, scoring 100% and 92% respectively.

He told us Regent is, “A great place that helps you strive for success!”


Tara joined Regent Independent College from Malvern College where she obtained grades of CCDD. She joined Regent to take advantage of a new environment, one that offers students constant care and attention and where weaknesses are quickly recognised via our cycle of assessments. With the support of our teachers, she was pleased to receive grades of AAB and looks forward to an exciting and challenging gap year.

Edinburgh University

Alex joined Regent Independent College last September having been out of a traditional school environment for some time due to health issues. Despite of this, with the support of the Regent Independent College team, and much hard work on his part, we are now thrilled to note that he leaves the College with grades of A*A*A and has gained a coveted place to study Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science at Edinburgh University.

Birmingham University

Vinay, whose brother attended the College some years ago, joined us last September. Having previously studied the French BAC, he was aiming to complete the A-Level course in one year; he managed to do so obtaining very pleasing grades of ABB and now proceeds to Birmingham University to study Computer Systems and Engineering.

“Regent Independent College was a very interesting experience. I had a lot of fun but it requires a lot of effort. Regent Independent College helped me get into the university that I wanted. They also put a lot of effort in helping with personal statements which is a huge advantage.”


“Teaching in Regent Independent College was very good. I was supported by my Chemistry, Biology and Maths teachers.”

Bristol University

Senthuran joined Regent Independent College just one year ago from Slough Grammar School to improve on his average AS results. After a great deal of hard work and determination he was delighted to achieve results of ABB allowing him to take up the Computer Science course at Bristol University.

“Regent Independent College offered me a good environment to push myself to the best of my ability.”


Karishma joined Regent Independent College in 2009 and has moved year by year through the school and two years ago received an excellent set of GCSE results. She has since excelled herself and achieved outstanding A-Level results of A*AB and moves onto her desired degree course, Pharmacy at UCL.

“A big thank you to all the teachers at Regent Independent College for all their support. I have enjoyed my time here and am very happy with the successful end to the journey!”

Newcastle University

Zainab joined Regent Independent College having previously studied at Henrietta Barnett. She was ambitious in her desire to read Law at university and needed to improve her grades to meet the extremely high standards that these courses require. Happily, one year later, after intensive tuition, Zainab leaves us to go on to read Law at Newcastle University with grades of A*AB.

“As a one to one student I really felt the modules I wanted to sit were structured exactly to my needs. Previously I hadn’t had extensive exam question practice, which was something I felt was emphasised much more with the tutors, so that I knew both the theory and how to structure my answer for the best marks.”

Achieved A*AB and A at AS
Reading Petroleum Engineering at Leeds

Brian joined us from Parmiters School where he had achieved satisfactory results in his AS year. However, having high ambitions for his career, he decided he needed excellent results and thus sought an environment where he thought that he would achieve maximum support and encouragement to achieve this. With much hard work and after hours of study in the classroom, he was thrilled to receive results of A*AB at A-Level ensuring he was free to pursue Petroleum Engineering at Leeds.

“I am extremely grateful for everything Regent has done for me. Many thanks to all the teaching staff and management team.”

Achieved AAB
Reading Computer Science at Birmingham

Krishna joined Regent Independent College after having taken his AS Levels at Park High but having not received the results he wanted. Supported by Regent’s close monitoring of students, and encouraged by the small class sizes, he was very pleased to find out he had achieved AAB allowing his to pursue the course he wanted.

“Thank you to everyone at Regent Independent College to help me achieve my grades, teaching was brilliant.”

Achieved A*AB
Reading Physics with Particle Physics at Queen Mary’s

Shivanath joined Regent Independent College having attended QE Boys previously where he had achieved some good results. However, he knew he needed an environment where he could be sure he would be pushed and supported to achieve the high grades he needed for the university course of his choice.

“The teaching at Regent Independent College was great and helped me get back on track.”

Achieved: A*AB
Reading Information Management for Business at UCL

Shivarth joined Regent Independent College from Merchant Taylors’ School. Whilst enjoying his time there, it was felt that he needed a fresh environment to give him the best chance of success to facilitate his progression to university. The environment at the College suited him perfectly and with hard work, achieved the excellent set of results above.

“I would like to thank everyone at Regent Independent College for helping me to achieve my grades and getting my firm offer.”

A-Level grades AAA
Reading Finance at Aston University

Humza came to us from John Lyon School with grades of ABC. He really needed top level grades in order to get onto his desired course at his chosen university. Attracted by our small class sizes which he believed would make the difference, he transferred to Regent Independent College and enrolled on a course of a one term duration. Astonishingly, after just one term of teaching, he managed to gain grades of AAA and now has the place at Aston studying Finance that he so coveted.

“I found it really helpful at the College, your get more personalised attention. The teachers helped me a lot with my UCAS application as well as my subjects, they’re just more involved. They enabled me to get to my first choice university which I’m ecstatic about.”

A-Level grades of AABB and AA at AS-Level
Reading Medical Physics at UCL

Vlad came from Romania four years ago and enrolled straight into Regent Independent College where he has been since. Although he was still improving his English, he took on 5 AS Levels, which is one more than standard. He continued to push himself to his limits in his second year whilst taking on the responsibility of being Deputy Head Boy and being involved in several extra-curricular clubs. He was therefore thrilled to receive grades of AABB ensuring he got the place at university that he had wanted for such a long time.

“While I’ve been at Regent Independent College, one of the things I noticed in my early years of student life was the relationships between myself and other teachers, like Raj, Alan and Gary. It was tough for me because I cam from Romania and the language barrier was huge. But helped by my fellow classmates and the teachers I achieved a place at one of the best universities in the world. That is why I am so thankful to Regent Independent College.”

GCSE Results 2018


Kejvin joined Regent Independent College having moved from a school in Albania. Despite having only several months to prepare for the GCSE exams, in which he took the core subjects, he was thrilled to receive results of 556889.

“A place where you can learn about life as well as lessons.”


Dana joined the College to boost her grades in Science and Maths. Supported by our experienced team of teachers and taking full advantage of the small group sizes, she has successfully completed the course with scores of 6667.

“The teachers are very good and a great environment to learn.”


Abduallahi joined the College from Hewens College and has spent two years at the College. He was thrilled to receive results of B677788.

“It’s easier to learn in small numbers.”

GCSE Results from previous years

2As, 3Bs, 1C

Zakaria moved to Regent Independent College from Crest Academy to benefit from our small classes. He was pleased to receive passes in all his subjects with grades of AABBBC. He now looks forward to studying Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A-Level

He told us that Regent, ‘has a nice environment.’

3As, 3Bs, 1C, 1E

Muad joined Regent from Ark Academy after seeking an alternative environment in which to continue his GCSE studies. He was happy to receive results of AAABBBCE on results day and now looks forward to moving on to A-Level study. He complimented the atmosphere cultured at the College noting it had provided him with a ‘Good environment to work in and positivity.’

Anika Yadev
Anika Yadev
1 A*s, 2As, 2Bs

Anika joined Regent Independent College, having moved from Trinidad. Taking advantage of a productive learning environment, despite the fact that she only joined us in January, she was able to attain grades of A*AABB.

She told us of her experience with us, ‘It was very fun and I learnt a lot’.

Lukman Mohamoud
Lukman Mohamoud
1As, 4Bs

Lukman joined the College from Copland Community School to help boost his GCSE grades. With the support of our team of teachers, and benefiting from the small class sizes he managed to improve his grades to ABBBB.

He commented, ‘Regent helped me grown, not just my grades, but as a person.’

Sabesh Logeswaran
Sabesh Logeswaran

Sabesh joined us from Watford Grammar School for Boys to re-take his GCSEs. He was delighted to achieve 6 A grades in the subjects he took at Regent Independent College, citing homework and frequent testing as being key to his results.

‘Regent has always helped me to push forward by setting consistent homework and regular tests. I really do love this school.’

6 A*s, 3As

Atif had not long been in the UK, having moved from Tanzania, and continued his GCSE study with us, taking private tuition to complete the outstanding parts of the course which he had started in his home country. Despite the upheaval, he did not let this faze him and we were most pleased to see results of 6 A* grades and 3As, a success of which we are all proud.

7 A*s, 2 As and a B

J joined Regent after completing Year 10 in a state high school. He made the transition under difficult circumstances because he was a victim of a sustained campaign of bullying. He had previously shown he had good ability but his confidence had been badly affected. However, happily he quickly settled in to college life and soon found a friendship group who admired him as a person and respected his academic ability. He successfully achieved 7 A*s, 2 As and a B. We have great expectations for his performance at A-Level.


Samed had previously attended Rooks Heath College where he attained grades of CDDDE for Maths, English Language, Double Science and English Literature. He was incredibly pleased to receive GCSE results of BCBCB respectively. Gaining the vital pass in English and improving his results all-round, he can now move onto the next stage of his studies with confidence.

He summed Regent up as follows: ‘It’s good!’


Sriabrame moved to Regent in September 2014 from Bentley Wood School. There she achieved DABC for English, Maths and Double Science respectively. A dedicated student, and held in high esteem by those who taught her, she well deserved the grades she got today: A in English, A in Maths and BB in Science.

She told us: ‘Teachers are amazing, very co-operative.’


Karishma joined us at Regent in the autumn of 2014 having previously taken her results at Vyners Secondary School where she achieved grades of DD for Science, D for English Language and D for Maths. With the support of our team and hard work on her part, she was delighted to have brought her grades up to CC, A and C respectively, giving her the vital passes needed to move onto the next stage of her education.

Her opinion on Regent: ‘Good school, polite and helpful.’


Anita joined Regent Independent College in 2012 to work towards her GCSEs. She was very pleased to get a batch of very good grades – including 5 As – this year.

“When I enrolled at Regent Independent College, I found it very easy to get settled in due to the support and hospitality of the teachers as well as my fellow students. I’m very pleased with my GCSE results and the teachers were a big part of all the improvements that I made as well as the friendly environment which is very conducive for learning.”


Ameera has been with Regent Independent College for a number of years throughout her Key Stage 3 study. She now looks forward to starting her AS studies after receiving GCSE grades of AABBCC. “Regent Independent College is a fantastic atmosphere for learning and studying.”


Regina joined Regent Independent College in September 2013 with a view to taking the one year GCSE Intensive course. She had previously studied at Rooks Heath achieving some GCSE grades but she wanted to improve upon the core subjects before pursuing her two year A-Level course. One year later, she has completed the course, and was thrilled to receive grades of AAABBB.

“I am more than happy with my results and I can’t believe these results are actually mine. Thanks to Regent Independent College.”

GCSE Intensive course
GCSE grades of 4 As & 1 B

Temitayo came to Regent Independent College just one year ago from Canons High with mostly Cs and Ds. Disappointed with his results, he thought the small classes, frequent testing and friendly environment would help him improve his grades the second time around. He was therefore very pleased to find that he every subject that he retook moved up by 2 or 3 grades.

“It’s been a wonderful experience. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the teachers. I was pushed harder here and that’s why I got good grades.”

Year 11
GCSE grades including 1 A*, 6 A & 3Bs

Luke has been at Regent Independent College since 2007 and has come right through our Senior School. Luke proved himself to be a hardworking student with a strong ambition to do well. His capabilities meant he was able to take two exams a year early – Maths and English Language – and we were thrilled when he gained A grades for both. This year he had done just as well with a spread of A*, A and B grades giving him a total of 11 GCSEs overall, a strong foundation for his AS studies.

“I’m very pleased and had a great time at Regent Independent College. My studies were good. Overall it was a great experience.”

GCSE Intensive course
Grades achieved AAB

Dilini Paul came from Heathfield School in order to retake some of the core GCSE subjects. She had obtained grades of DD for Science and Additional Science whilst there and a B in Maths which she was very keen to improve in order to provide a strong foundation for her AS Levels. After a year of hard work her DD increased to AB and her B in Maths to an A.

“I’m happy with my results. Regent Independent College has taught me a lot including how to revise.”

Year 11
11 GCSEs including 3 A*, 3 A

“I’m very happy with my results; I could never have expected to get very good grades in English. I’ve improved in my studies greatly.”

GCSE Intensive course
GCSE grades of AABBC

Ibrahim Rabie came to Regent Independent College to retake his GCSEs. He had been studying at Onslow St Audreys previously but received grades of mostly Fs and Gs with which he was very disappointed. He therefore looked for somewhere that could offer a completely different type of school environment. Clearly this worked for him as his grades shot up this summer.

“I’m pleased with the grades I’ve ended up with. Regent Independent College was a nice college to attend every day.”