Small Class Sizes

At Regent class sizes are always kept small. Rarely exceeding twelve students in a class and sometimes with just a handful of students, the small class sizes we offer really do facilitate effective learning. Large class sizes, common in many schools and colleges, frequently present problems whereby students feel too embarrassed to offer up their opinion in front of large numbers of fellow students, or worse, are too shy to voice their confusions and queries on the topics that they are studying, a problem that quickly leads to poor understanding, poor work and thus poor results at the end of the year. Small class sizes also significantly reduce the chance of any disruption in class and means the teacher has more time to speak with and check the work of each child and get to know each child academically much better. This is vital to the progress of a student in the GCSE and A-Level years.

Indeed, many students have joined Regent in the past, citing difficulties in the classroom with a lack of personal attention due to the sheer number of students in the class, as one of the main reasons for their failure. Equally, we have a strict Behaviour Policy and students must adhere to our Code of Conduct. These measures ensure that each lesson is a productive use of time for each and every student.