Student Support / Supervised Study

There are many changes and adaptations to make once progressing from GCSE to A-Levels, including the amount of independent study and revision time as well as the management of increasing workloads. Compulsory Supervised Study periods are sessions, built in to each student’s timetable, ensuring that free time is productively and effectively utilised.

Each student will have up to six periods of Supervised Study in which they will complete assignments, homework, and revision as well as organise and study for upcoming exams and assessments. Although the students have minimal guidance from teachers during these periods, we will ensure that work is completed, distractions are to a minimum and full attendance is adhered to. Students will have access to a quiet area for studying.

We as a College are confident that we can develop students into ‘Independent Learners’, fostering the necessary skills and mind-set vital to achieve success both before, during and after tertiary education. This links eloquently to our Regent Group mission statement: ‘The end of Education is character’.