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The London Experience

16 JULY 2013

The London Experience

On Wednesday 3rd July an intrepid group of urban explorers set out from Regent Independent College with representatives from Year 10, Year 11 and a selection of AS students. With hope in our hearts, money in our pockets and armed with an Oyster Card, we set out from our base to venture deep into the heart of the mysterious forbidden zone, marked on the map as……London.

With its labyrinth of streets and hundreds of miles of underground tunnels, London beckoned us into its dark interior. The prospect of finding hidden treasures from the past – not to mention the lure of Mcdonalds – gave us great encouragement as we travelled by silver snake line to Westminster. As we exited the caves of the station we emerged in the shadow of Queen Boudicca’s chariot and made our way over Westminster Bridge towards the dreaded south bank of the river. At this point our party was split by internal division, with some souls determined to face the perils of Mcdonalds for the first – but not the last – time that day. Others sought other areas of refreshment, whilst the leader sought out the entry point to the Great Eye of London.

With appetites satisfied – and entry permits secured – the party entered the Eye and began the wondrous journey that let them view the whole of the mysterious land they had come to conquer. Photographic evidence of the vastness of the forbidden zone was secured and can be seen at this point.

Having gathered the information we needed, the group crossed the river via the Hungerford Bridge and made for the Embankment pier, where we were able to secure passage on a passing steamer which took us to the ancient shrine of the Tower of London. From here we trekked on foot past City Hall and HMS Belfast until we reached the relative tranquillity of Hays Wharf. The group were feeling their wounds at this point – namely, sore feet, tired limbs and a deficiency of Mcdonalds.
We commandeered a train at London Bridge and made our way back upstream towards County Hall. Exhausted, and with our guards down, we were ambushed by enemy agents and forced to line up with other captives before being led into the notorious dungeons of London.

After ninety minutes of close supervision we mounted a brave escape and launched ourselves back into the fresh air of a warm London evening. The group decided to split up and to make our own way through enemy lines back to the sanctuary of Rayners Lane. By now exhausted and exhilarated in equal measures, we agreed to meet the following day and to share with each other the secrets we had learned – and the pictures we had taken – on our perilous journey into the forbidden zone.


The London Experience
The London Experience