Trip to the London Science Museum and the Olympic Park

On 27th June 2014 students from the College embarked upon a trip to London accompanied by Mr Virash Patel and Mrs Mikki Shahid.They had two destinations: the Science Museum and the Olympic Park. They set off early to make the most of the day and the beautiful weather. After a hot and sticky tube ride, everyone was delighted to be in the fresh air and duly made their way to the Science Museum. A perennially popular tourist attraction, it was busy as ever but no less the interesting for that.

A tour of the museum was undertaken, in so much as was possible in the space of a morning. There were a multitude of fascinating exhibits, covering the three sciences, to ponder over; these ranged from the planetary system, modes of transport and technology and many more besides. Students were particularly taken by the interactive programmes which allowed them to apply concepts learned during their course of study to practice. They also learnt about some of the great scientists, their inventions and achievements and their relevancy to the current day and to modern science.

After the students had absorbed as much information as possible and were looking in need of a respite, the group made their way to Nandos and the students gorged themselves on chicken and fries and refreshed themselves with ice cold drinks.

Next up was the Olympic Park, host in 2012 to a spectacle that the UK rarely sees, the gathering of sportsmen and women, from across the globe in a huge array of sports across the space of just a few weeks. It was fascinating for everyone to see the development of the park, from sporting centre, to a place of great importance within the local community. It also really brought home to the students, just how much dedication and application was needed by the participants to be at the peak of their sport and enjoy the privilege of participation in such an event and the amount of organisation and planning that would have been needed to organise the logistics of the Games.

Mr Patel and Mrs Shahid encouraged the students to try their very best in their studies, so they too could enjoy that taste of success.

science-museum-olympic-park-5 science-museum-olympic-park-4 science-museum-olympic-park-6 science-museum-olympic-park-3 Science Museum And Olympic Park

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