At Regent Independent College we work in partnership with both our parents and students to enhance and improve on the work carried out the student throughout the year from their school. This we believe boosts the students’ self-esteem and gives them the confidence to succeed academically. In turn this also gives the students motivation and a new found interest in the subject which they previously may have not enjoyed as much.

Not only do students enjoy small class sizes, they also enjoy individual time and attention from the teacher, which can really build their confidence, believe in their ability and motivate them to succeed.

As we as catering for students who are struggling, we also cater for those who are performing at a satisfactory level at school, but who, under the right guidance, could blossom to further their academic development.

Our unique model ensures that every student, no matter what their aim, current ability level or learning personality, can flourish in our environment. Our GCSE and A-Level success stories throughout the years gives testament to this.

We are dedicated to helping the students reach their full potential and achieve the best results. We help our pupils achieve their goals, be that passing an exam, improving performance, or developing overall confidence.

Tuition is delivered internationally virtually via Regent College Online.