As part of our programme of support for our students, we endeavour to assist them as they look to the future and make the next steps in their own, personal journey.

We therefore have a comprehensive programme of guidance for students who wish to go to university after the completion of their A-Levels. This starts at the end of the Lower Sixth year with the Introduction to UCAS workshop where students are introduced to the UCAS cycle, undertake research on universities and courses and guided through the intricacies of the application form. In the autumn term of the Upper Sixth year, students are allocated UCAS tutors whom they see on a weekly basis as they prepare and finalise their applications, with a particular emphasis on the personal statement. The College also hosts external speakers who provide students with an external, neutral, perspective of the UCAS system, and explain how applications are processed, providing tips on how to make the most of an application.

For students who are requested to attend interviews, guidance and mock interviews are provided. In the spring we then encourage the students to consult with us before making their final choices. Our programme of UCAS support concludes in August when we provide on-the-day assistance with results, places, Clearing and Adjustment.

Students from Regent Independent College have applied successfully for a diverse range of institutions and courses, examples of which are available at https://www.regentcollege.uk.com/success-results/university-destinations/