Visit to Olympic Water-Polo

During the summer Olympics and Paralympics, students from Regent Independent College had the great fortune of to go and visit some of the events using complimentary tickets provided by the Get Set network.

Mr & Mrs Pankaj took Ravi, Priyesh, Diana and Luul along to the newly built Water Polo Arena in the beautiful Olympic Park. They watched some fantastic, tense water polo and were lucky to see two games, the first of which was Italy vs. GB though unfortunately, in this case, our national team was overpowered by Italy. The second game was very closely fought between China and Russia with the former being the victor. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the relatively small arena and all the teams played extremely well. After the event, the students had a look round the park and visited the souvenir shop.

olumpic-water-polo-1 olumpic-water-polo-Regent College olumpic-water-polo-Regent College

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